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401: Transmission of Protected Information

Information Security Policies & Procedures Manual
Section 400: Network and Telecommunications Security
Effective: 01/11/2010
Revised: 02/20/2014


The purpose of this section is to state OSU’s policy regarding the transmission of protected information over the network.


Once information is classified as Protected Information, established baseline standards ensure that the information resides and is processed within a secured zone of the network.  However, normal business operation does from time to time require the transfer of Protected Information to other authorized parties for purposes consistent with OSU’s mission and OSU’s obligations to protect the information.


It is the policy of OSU that no Protected Information be transmitted over any network outside of the secured zones within the OSU network, unless appropriate and standard encryption techniques are used.  Under no circumstances will Protected Information be transmitted across an unsecured network in clear text. In particular, it should be noted that Email is not by default an encrypted means of transmission and any Email sent is subject to this restriction.

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