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404: Grant Related FIS Data Warehouse Buttons

Where can the following information be found?

  1. What grant funds are ending?
    Operating Ledger; Future Ending Grant Funds; Enter Org
  2. What grant indexes are assigned to my ORG?
    Operating Ledger; Index for an ORG; Enter Org
  3. What indexes are the responsibility of a particular PI?
    Operating Ledger; PI indexes; Enter PI’s Last Name
  4. I have a large grant with many indexes. How can I get a list of all indexes for that grant?
    Operating Ledger; Grant/Fund Index; Enter Grant Code
  5. What grant funds have terminated so I can begin my 3-year record retention?
    Operating Ledger; Terminated Funds by ORG (this fiscal year only); Enter Org
    Operating Ledger-Multi; Terminated Funds by ORG (since FIS began); Enter Org
  6. What has been spent to date, what is budget balance?
    Operating Ledger-Multi;      -Inception to date by Fund; Enter Fund
                                                -Inception to date by Grant; Enter Grant Code
  7. What are the detail transactions for the period(s)?
    Transactions; Detail by Index and Period; Enter index, Enter Fiscal Period
  8. I have a JV number on my Award Information Sheet. I want to have a copy of the JV.
    Transactions; JV Listing; Enter JV#
  9. I know a budget JV was done during the period, but don’t know the number. I want the account code line-item detail.
    Transactions; Budget JV’s; Enter Index, Enter Fiscal Period
  10. My department head wants to know the amount of awards (budget increase) received last fiscal year.
    Transactions-prior year; Grant Awards; Enter Org
  11. My department head wants to know the amount of expenditures by fund type (federal $ vs. commercial $ vs. State $) for grants for a given fiscal year.
    Operating Ledger-multi; Annual Grant Expenditures; Enter Fiscal Year, Enter Org
  12. I need to figure how much Returned Overhead my department should receive. How can I do this? (This is the amount recovered by OSU, not percent returned to unit.)
    Operating Ledger; Indirect Cost (current fiscal year only)
    Operating Ledger-multi; Indirect Cost (select desired fiscal year); enter org
  13. I have gift funds and need to make sure there is a positive cash balance at fiscal year end. What do I use to find current cash balance?
    General Ledger; Fund Balance; Enter Fund
  14. When I query for Cost Share – any tips?
    Grant – ends with “S”
    Account – does not begin with “9” 
    Cost share transfers are 91501 and 92501, if these are included the report shows $0, because they net out the costs.)
  15. Where can I find default pay for an employee?
    Payroll ledger, Default Pay, Reports
    Default Pay – 1 Employee, enter university ID number
  16. Where can I find the default pay for a particular index?
    Payroll ledger, Default Pay, Reports
    Default Pay – 1 index, enter index

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