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302: Closeout

Grant, Contract & Gift Accounting Manual
Section 302: Closeout
Revised: 08/08/2003


To identify the procedures for closing awards.


All employees.


The Office of Post Award Administration has designed a suggested Grants & Contract Closeout Check-off Sheet to help facilitate the closeout process. A sample of the Grant & Contract Closeout Checkoff Sheet is located on the Business Affairs website.


Closeout Date

The date that all final documents must be received by the sponsor.

Closeout Date

The period that all final documents must be processed and sent to the sponsor. For example, if it says 90 days, you will have until closing of the period following 60 days after the end date to make corrections. To allow for processing time the department should process all corrections 30 days prior to the contractual due date of reports. Remember that this information will be noted on the Award Information Sheet of the original award only. It will not be noted on the Award Information Sheet of future amendments.


The Office of Post Award Administration will identify the closeout period on the original Award Information Sheet. Departments will facilitate the closeout process in a timely manner including the processing of necessary corrections and adjustments.


Responsible Party Action

The Office of Post Award Administration

  1. Sends email to the Principal Investigator (PI) and department accountant requesting the date the technical report was submitted and information regarding patents/inventions.


  1. Facilitates the closeout process in a timely manner. This includes processing necessary corrections and adjustments.

The request for Technical Report/Patent Information is uniformly carried out for all agencies except National Science Foundation (NSF). Notice is electronically received in the Office of Post Award Administration from NSF when the technical reports are submitted. Patent reports are not required for NSF although the OSU Technology Transfer office should still be contacted for any possible patents.

Awards from DOD (Army, Air Force, ONR), Dept of Energy, or NASA requires Standard Form 298 "Report Documentation Page" when ONR has administrative authority. Even though a complete Technical Report may have been submitted to the program officer, the tech report will not be checked off as completed until the SF 298 is submitted.

  • The Office of Post Award Administration sends out the first Tech Email within 30 days after the end date of the award with a respond by date. This request for information will be sent to the:
    > Department Accountant and the PI.
  • If the first request is not received back, a second request is sent out after the original respond- date.
  • If the second request is not answered, a third request is sent out stating that the Department Head and the Dean will be notified.
  • If no response has been received, the Director of Sponsored Programs is notified.

To view a sample of the Tech Email, click on "Forms" from the Office of Post Award Administration web site and choose "Tech Email",

Closing the Grant Fund

  1. There is a button on data warehouse to help monitor awards that are ending. It is under multi-year operating ledger. The button is titled "Ending Award by Org". The query will prompt for the org number and date. It is recommended that this report be run at the beginning of each month entering the current date at the prompt, paying close attention to projects ending within the next 60 days that have a balance. Any necessary corrections and adjustments should be started at this time to facilitate the closeout process. The department should continue to monitor these awards until they show up on the terminated funds report, which is located under current operating ledger in data warehouse. Charges have been known to show up after the end date unexpectedly. Note that the report may duplicate fund numbers when there has been a change in F&A cost basis, cost share basis or Fund Financial Manager attributes, there will be lines for the activity showing the old and new data. The report will also list funds with zero balances until the grant is closed. Once the grant is closed, the fund will drop off this list. Funds with zero balances can be ignored.
  2. The report FGROPNE in Banner FIS can be run to check for open encumbrances. All encumbrances must be liquidated before indexes and funds can be terminated. (Subcontract encumbrances will be liquidated by the Office of Post Award Administration).
  3. There is a canned query in the HR Data Warehouse that can be run to check for default pay. The buttons are titled "active jobs for an index" and "active jobs for a fund". If there is still default pay set up at the time of closure, and it is a student or temporary job, the Office of Post Award Administration will fill out a labor distribution change request form moving the default pay to "ZNOPAY". If not a student or temporary job, the Office of Post Award Administration will request the department to move the default pay or terminate the employee job in HRIS, if appropriate.
  4. Departments are responsible for informing the Office of Post Award Administration of adjustments or corrections that have not posted to Banner FIS before the department's closeout deadline. This includes invoices, journal vouchers and payroll documents.
  5. If the fund has been expended in excess of the approved budget at end of closeout period, the Cost Overrun Policy will be initiated. See GCG 209-03: Grant and Contract Overrun Policy.

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