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2003 Revisions

Fiscal Operations Manual
Section: Manual Revision Record
Effective: 09/18/2003

October 11


Summary of Change

FIS 002
Added terms: Internal Management Directive, Moving Expenses, Sabbatical Leave-Supplement, and Stipend. Revised terms: Credit Memo, Reduction of Expense, Reimbursements.
FIS-Ex 003-01
FIS Acronym List
Replaced exhibit with FIS Acronym list.
FIS 102-08
Travel Paid by Outside Source
Identified what funds should be initially used to pay expenses and added procedures for depositing checks directly paid to employee.
FIS 404
Arranging for Automated Clearing House (ACH) Payments
Added this information to the manual.
FIS 406
Vendor Invoice Processing
Identified what information needs to be on a vendor's invoice.
FIS 407
Employee Reimbursements
Revised option for payment of employee reimbursements.
FIS 407-01
Travel Reimbursements
Expanded area by adding specific information for the different employees/non-employees.
FIS 407-02
Personal Reimbursements
Added requirement of "clear business purpose" and requirement for long distance cell-to-cell phone calls.
FIS 408-03
Travel Agencies (airfare)
City Pairs program and OSU contracted travel agencies cannot be used for someone on a Personal Services Contract (PSC) or a vendor.
FIS 409-01
Account Code Restrictions by Fund Type
Added new account codes and revised several existing ones.

FIS 409-03
Determining Whether an Activity is Program Related or Training

Added 409-03, new information.
FIS 410-05
Hosting Groups & Officials
Added information on hosting and alcohol.
FIS 410-06
Memberships and Dues
Added section (h.) Personal memberships in social and sports clubs.
FIS 410-07
Paying for Meals and Refreshments Served at Intra-departmental Functions
Added information on refreshments.
FIS 410-21
Postage Orders
FIS 410-21
Conference Expenses
Added "new."
FIS 410-22
Prepaid Calling Cards
Added detailed information on use and instructions for use.
FIS 410-25
Payment for Services
Changed title from Personal Services Contracts to Payment for Services and updated information.
FIS 410-29
Meals on One Day Trip (no overnight stay)
Added this new section to manual.
FIS 801-05
Added two options for processing travel reimbursements for a trip beginning on one fiscal year and ending on the next fiscal year.
FIS 1101
FOAPAL Elements
Added Funds 438xxx information.
FIS 1106-05
Payment of Travel Reimbursements
Updated the process and requirements for travel reimbursements.
FIS 1107-01
Doing a Correction or Redistributing Charges
Added GRA/GTA Fee Remission (1095x) redistributions information.
FIS 1107-04
Service Center Reimbursements - 09xxx Account Codes
Can only use 09xxx account codes with 09xxxx funds.
FIS 1109-01
Year End Budget Journal Voucher
Added "Budget" to title.
FIS 1111
Document Approval History
Added "Use Banner forms FOIAPHT or FOIAPPH".
FIS Section 1400
Reorganized and renumbered section 1400 to allow future policies to be added without disrupting the current organization of section.
FIS 1405
Cellular Phone Policy
Added specific examples of business related expenses.

October 7


Summary of Change

FIS 002
Revised Bad Debt Allowance definition.
FIS 102-05
Gifts, Grants and Contracts Income
Added information on gifts by OSU employees.
FIS 410-25
Personal Services Contracts
Revised information on the use of Personal Services Invoice (PSI).
FIS 410-28
Greeting Cards
Added new section on greeting cards.
FIS 503
Department of Administrative Services (DAS) assessments
Revised items in which fees are accessed.

September 24


Summary of Change

FIS 513
Accounting for Agency Funds
Added FIS 513 to manual.
FIS 1101
FOAPAL Elements
Added specific information under "Funds."

September 18


Summary of Change

FIS 513
Accounting for Agency Funds
Added FIS 513 to manual.
FIS 1101
FOAPAL Elements
Added specific information under "Funds."
FIS 101
Changed information on tuition rate structure.

FIS 203
Workshop Income from Departments

Changed account code 06410 to 79301.
FIS 410-27
Gift Certificates

Added section 410-27 on Gift Certificates.

FIS 1107-03
Internal Sales Reimbursements - 79xxx Account Codes
Changed the use of 79xxxx account codes to all funds except Service Centers (09xxxx funds) and Agencies (9xxxxx funds).
FIS 1107-05
Income Account Codes on Journal Vouchers
Income Account codes are no longer allowed on Journal Vouchers for Workshop Registrations(credits) and Auxiliary Funds (1xxxxx) Credits.
FIS 1417
Payment of Licenses and Occupational Fees
Added Notary License to list of licenses paid for by University if License is critical to operation of unit.

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