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902: Transfer Account Codes

Fiscal Operations Manual
Section 900: Transfers
Effective: 01/01/2003
Revised: 04/15/2013

Transfer account codes are used in the operating ledger in instances where budget, revenue or expenditure redistributions are not appropriate. Transfer account codes are not revenues or expenses and are not to be used when an exchange of services or goods has taken place.   

Transfers are used when moving from one fund type to another, such as in the case of providing funding from operations for a capital project. Transfers can also be used within fund types to redistribute resources between individual operating funds, as in the case of funding for cost share. Transfer accounts are also used to move cash associated with budget within the Budgeted Operations fund type.

Transfer In and Transfer Out account codes are paired in all cases with the last three characters matching on both sides of the ledger entry. Only 9x22x transfers are permitted to be unbalanced for the university because these are used for inter-institutional transfers. All other transfer account pairs must be balance within OSU’s chart. 

The bulk of transfer transactions at OSU are posted via automated systems and background entries.  Transfer account codes are to be used sparingly and with discretion since they can effectively change the nature of the resources which they move. Transfer transactions are closely monitored for propriety by the Office of Business Affairs. 

General description and examples of usage:
9x001 – Use these codes to transfer between funds within the same fund type. Do not use these codes for Budgeted Operations Fund Type 11 (see 9x250).

9x005 – Use for transfers between fund types, such as from a designated operating fund to the general fund. Transfers out of 92005 to other fund types are not permitted from fund type 11, Budgeted Operations (see 9x255). Transfers in to fund type 11 on 91005 from other fund types are permitted.

9x105 – Use only to redistribute incidental fee resources between fee-funded auxiliaries within the institution.

9x225* – Use for inter-institutional and OUS transfers in and out when revenue and expenditure account codes are not appropriate.

9x228* –Account 92228 is used exclusively by OUS for transfers to debt service from  OSU.  Account 91228 should never appear on OSU’s books.

9x250 – Used by the Budget Office and Statewide Public Service Budget Offices for cash transfers between funds within Budgeted Operations (FT11). These codes must be used within, but not between, the following separately appropriated budgeted operations fund ranges [000000-019999 (E&G), 030xxx (AES), 034xxx (Ext), and 037xxx (FRL)].  Do not use in other fund types (see accounts 9x001).

9x251 – Used by the Budget Office to transact specially authorized resource transfers between separately appropriated fund type 11 Budgeted Operations of OSU, Affiliated Branch Campuses and the Statewide Public Services.

9x255 – Use 92255 for all transfers out of fund type 11 Budgeted Operations to other fund types.  An example of this type of transaction is establishment of an E&G-funded Plant fund (fund type 81).  Account 91255 is used exclusively as the credit entry in the other (non-FT11) fund type.  In addition to other areas where transfers from fund type 11 are permitted, beginning July 1, 2013, these transfer account codes also replace the subsidy transaction accounts 09398/24901 for designated operations and 09398/24902 for service departments.  See 9x005 to transfer into fund type 11 from another fund type.  

9x501 – Used exclusively for Banner-generated cost share transfers within OSU. These are automated transactions, do not use on Journal Vouchers.

* 9x22x accounts will be unbalanced for the University. All other transfer accounts should be balanced within OSU’s chart.

See FIS 003-21: Transfer Account Code Usage by Fund Type Level II which illustrates which account codes are appropriate in each Level II Fund Type.

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