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Fiscal Operations Manual
Section 300: Accounts Receivable
Effective: 01/01/2003

The Collection Department of the Office of Business Affairs Office is responsible for receivable balances owed the university, consisting of fees, fines, tuition, and other charges typically owed by students, either current or former.  When a student leaves school owing money, their receivable account balance is placed in collection status.  A collection fee of $20 is assessed, and collection procedures are initiated.

As a state agency, Oregon State University is held accountable by state regulations to determine assignment to “an outside agency” for collections activity when our attempts have proven unsuccessful.

In-house collection activities: Once the account is placed in collection status, the account is assigned to an in-house revenue agent.  The revenue agent begins a series of collection calls and letters to establish a repayment plan.  All students are asked to sign a repayment agreement.

Assignment to collection agencies: When all attempts fail to establish a payment plan with the student, the account is placed with an outside contracted collection agency.  As a state entity, Oregon State University may use the Oregon Department of Revenue as a source for outside collection service.  The Department of Revenue is used primarily when garnishment is possible.  OSU also uses several contracted collection agencies as a means of third party intervention for debt liquidation.

Set off individual liability (SOILS): Non-current students whose in-house collection account is not paid in full within a specified time frame are subject to attachment of any refunds owed them by the state.  OSU is required by state law to participate in the offset program.

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