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1102 How to Request Banner Chart of Accounts (FOAPAL) Elements

Fiscal Operations Manual
Section 1100: Banner Processes
Effective: 03/31/2006
Revised: 4/15/2013


Several offices are involved in Banner Chart of Accounts maintenance.  Following is a quick list of the various first-contacts, based broadly on the particular element and type of funding:

  • Fund Type 1x, 2x, 4x through 6x, and 9x and associated Index – Budget & Fiscal Planning Office
  • Fund Type 3x and associated Index – Office of Post Award Administration (OPAA)
  • Fund Type 8x and associated Index – Campus Operations-Accounting
  • Fund Type 11 (cost share only) – Office of Post Award Administration (OPAA)
  • Organization Codes – Budget & Fiscal Planning Office
    • Including HR Major Organization Codes – Budget & Fiscal Planning Office
  • Account Codes – Business Affairs
  • Program Codes – Budget & Fiscal Planning Office
  • Activity Codes – Budget & Fiscal Planning Office (web-based “OACIS” system)
  • Location Codes – Campus Operations-Space Planning Office

For Organizations, Programs, unrestricted and specialty Funds (types 1x, 2x, 4x-6x, and 9x) and associated Index codes:

Business Centers submit requests for unrestricted & specialty funds, organizations, major org (HR) designations, programs, and related index codes via the FOAPA Chart Element Request Form.

Standardized additions, changes and terminations will be processed by the Budget Office as quickly as possible and the initiating Business Center will be copied on the completed document.  Non-standardized requests related mainly to new or rearranged organizations and new or altered operations will be directed to the FOAPA Committee for review.  The FOAPA Committee is comprised of staff from Business Affairs and the Budget Office.  The committee will approve, deny, and/or seek additional information as needed.  Approved actions will be processed by the Budget Office and the Business Center will be copied on the completed (both approved and denied) document(s).  If a request is denied, the Committee will provide the Business Center with feedback on the reason(s) and will provide alternate suggestions/options where applicable.

For Restricted Funds (type 3x) with associated Index codes and cost share funds:

The Office of Post Award Administration (OPAA) establishes and maintains all restricted Funds, associated Index codes, and cost share funds.  Grants, contracts and gifts are based on documentation provided by the sponsor or donor.  Non-specific gifts may be established at the request (via FOAPA form or e-mail) of the Business Center, Dean, or Executive Administrator. Note: if a gift fund is needed for OSUF or ARF, the request must come from the respective foundation.

For Plant and Debt Retirement Funds (type 8x) and associated Index codes:

Campus Operations-Accounting coordinates the establishment and maintenance of all plant and long-term debt funds.

For Account Codes:

Account Codes are established and maintained by the Controller’s Division of the Oregon University System (OUS-CO).  Requests for new or altered account codes should be directed to the Office of Business Affairs for review and vetting.  Accepted requests will be addressed through the OUS Chart of Accounts Advisory Committee.

For Activity Codes:

Activity Codes are almost exclusively at the discretion of Colleges and departments.  To request Activity code additions, changes or terminations, use the Budget Office Online Activity Code Input System “OACIS.”  This web application permits anyone with a valid OSU e-mail address to submit requests which route electronically to the appropriate Business Center for “Unit Chart” approval and then to the Budget Office for “Institutional Chart” approval and Banner update.  The status of a request may be queried at any time via the OACIS search tool.  Once a request has a status of “IC Approved” the action will have been completed in Banner and available in Data Warehouse the next business day.  Questions about specific requests or the online system should be directed to the Budget Operations Manager in the Office of Budget and Fiscal Planning.

For Location Codes:

Location Codes are managed by Campus Operations-Space Planning.

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