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1001 Assets

Fiscal Operations Manual
Section 1000: General Ledger Account Codes
Effective: 01/01/2003
Revised: 08/05/2011

1001-01 Cash

Funds received by the University from cash sales, credit card sales, proceeds from Bond sales, student loans, Certificates of Participation, legislative appropriations, and other sources.

Cash is categorized by account codes A0001 - A1100. The most common cash account code is A0901.

1001-02 Receivables

Accounts Receivable is revenue earned but not received by the close of the fiscal year. Revenue has been earned if goods were sold or services were provided, either completely or substantially in-full, by the close of the fiscal year. If the receivable has not previously been recorded into Banner, then it should be recorded as a balance sheet asset. Use account code A3802 for year-end accrual entries.

Receivable account code series are:

  • A30xx SIS Receivables
  • A31xx A/R Miscellaneous, Non-SIS
  • A32xx Grants and Contracts
  • A33xx Notes Receivable
  • A35xx Contract Retainage Receivable
  • A38xx A/R Year End Accruals



The Inventory account code series are:

  • A4001 Organized Storeroom Inventory
  • A4200 Inventory, Other
  • A4900 Year End Accrual Inventory


1001-04 Prepaid Expense

This represents cash payments required by a third party vendor in advance of actually incurring the expenses. These are not expenses at the point payment is made. Examples include conference registrations or airline tickets paid in May when the activity won't occur until August. During Year End close, these payments should be recorded as a balance sheet asset, with account code A5901.

Prepaid Expense account codes are:

  • A5001 Miscellaneous Prepaid Expense
  • A5901 Prepaid Expense Year End Accrual


1001-05 Fixed Assets

A Fixed Asset is tangible property with a cost of $5,000 or more and a useful life greater than one year. All other equipment is considered to be minor equipment.

Account Codes include (but are not limited to):

  • A8001 Personal Property
  • A8011 Equipment
  • A8012 Vehicles
  • A8031 Museum Collections
  • A8042 Library Books
  • A8100 Real Property

Reference: Property Management (PRO) Manual


1001-06 Accumulated Depreciation on Fixed Assets

Accumulated depreciation is used in factoring the amount of reserves needed for equipment replacement. The replacement reserve is to be maintained equal to the accumulated allowance for depreciation.

The original cost of the asset, less the accumulated depreciation (updated monthly) gives the current value of the fixed asset.

Account Codes include:

  • A8511 Acc Dep – Equipment
  • A8611 Acc Dep – Building 
  • A8624 Acc Dep – Land Improvements
  • A8631 Acc Dep - IOTBs
  • A8641 Acc Dep - Infrastructure

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