Ex8A: OSU Surplus Property Pick-Up Request (SPR)

Property Management Policy & Procedure Manual
Section 000: Introductory Material
Effective: 07/01/1996
Revised: 05/22/2006

When university property (inventoried or not) is no longer needed by a department, an SPR form is completed and submitted to the Surplus Office.  If time is short, it may be faxed to 541-737-2170.  The Surplus Office will schedule a pick-up once the form is received. 

Page 1

  • Date: Enter the date the form is being completed.
  • Department: Enter department name (please do not use an acronym).
  • Contact person: Enter name of the person who is the primary point of contact in arranging for the pick-up.
  • Phone: Enter work phone number of the contact person.
  • Call before pick-up? [ ]YES [ ]NO: Check the appropriate box to let Surplus know if an appointment is necessary.
  • Inventory number: Enter the asset inventory tag number of the item, if any. If the item is not on inventory but has an old inventory tag on it, include the tag number anyway. If there is no tag number, put “none.”
  • Item Description: Enter the description beginning with a common noun (e.g., “computer” or “motorcycle” rather than “Personal” or “Honda”), and including any key information about internal or external components and model number and serial number, if any.
  • Does it Work? Y/N: Enter “Y” for yes or “N” for no.
  • Location (Bldg Name/Rm #): Enter the building name (not the number) and the room number where the property to be picked up is currently located.
  • Additional information/comments: If there is other information about this pickup, please put it here (e.g., “15-ft. python in room, enter with care”).  If there is insufficient space in this block for a message, leave the last few lines of "Item Description" blank and type the message there instead.
  • Property Management Use Only: Please leave this area blank.

Donations: If the department wishes to donate equipment to another agency or non-profit organization, the box at the top of the form must be completed.  Add the department name, the name of the authorizing Dean, Director or Department Head and the date. (The authorizing person must sign.)  The organization receiving the donation should be noted, along with address, contact name and telephone number.  If there is not enough room on the form, submit on a separate memo attached to the SPR.

OSU Surplus Property Pick-up Request with sample data (page 1)

Image - OSU Surplus Property Pick-up Request with sample data (page 1)

OSU Surplus Property Pick-up Request (page 2)

Page 2: If additional space is needed to list items for pick-up, complete this page and attached to Page 1.

Image - OSU Surplus Property Pick-up Request (page 2)