Substitute W-9 & Direct Deposit Authorization (Vendor Maintenance) Instructions for OSU Staff

Vendors that meet the following must complete this Substitute W-9 Form:

  1. A U.S. entity (including a resident Alien; AND
  2. A Vendor that provides goods or services to Oregon State University; AND
  3. Will receive payment from Oregon State University.

Do not use the W-9 for Foreign Vendors, Staff, Students, Participants, Candidates, or Volunteers. See below for instructions.

Prior to Oregon State University issuing a purchase order or payment, we require a completed OSU Substitute W-9 Form to be on file with the University. The OSU Substitute W-9 is used to obtain W-9 information as well as any minority-owned, women-owned, small emerging business and disadvantaged (MWESB) statuses. Information on state certified MWESB statuses is available at the state website:

Although the information on this form may be similar to what is typically provided on an IRS W-9 Form, an IRS W-9 Form may not be submitted in lieu of this OSU Substitute W-9 Form.

The Substitute W-9 and Direct Deposit Authorization Form is used when a new vendor needs to be set up in Banner or there is a change to vendor data.

To establish a new vendor:

To make changes to an existing vendor:

Mark the Update option at the top and fill in only the applicable areas for the change being requested.

To change the default address for a vendor, use this form to update the address and notify Mary Page at 737-0623 or to use the new address as the default.

For complete policy and procedures please refer to: Vendor Search Instructions

Vendors that are a Foreign Alien or Entity must complete a W-8 Form. Instructions and forms may be found at: Do not use this Substitute W-9 form for a Foreign Alien or Entity.

Students, Staff, Volunteers, Candidates, Participants, and other persons that require vendor setup to receive a payment must have the requesting department complete the Activation & Maintenance Request For Reimbursement Payments Form found at:

Required authorization

Signature of Company Officer for new or vendor required changes.

Items to attach to this form

A voided check should be included for direct deposit setup.

Where to send the completed form

OSU Business Affairs, Vendor Maintenance
B306 Kerr Administration Building
Corvallis, OR 97331

Fax: 541-737-2069

Need help?

Contact Mary Page at 737-0623 or

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