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Choosing a Work Study Index

Federal Work Study Program (CWSP) Index as related to Program Code: Jan-03

Instructions: Match the departmental pay Index's corresponding Program code

How do I find the program code for my index? You may find it in Data Warehouse by clicking on index or in the Banner form FTMACCI. Program codes are attached by default to department indexes.

ED019A Instruction
0xxxx Regular/Sponsored Instruction (except 01800)
20910 Extended Education (Ext Campus-DCE)
24000 VMD - OSU Vet Teaching Hospital
30400 Educational Media Services
ED019C Library
30001 Libraries
ED019D Student Services
40xxx Student Services - all
46500 Student Health Services
ED019F General Admin
5xxxx Facility Maintenance
61000 Institutional Management
ED019G Service Depts
99100 Service Departments
ED019J Sponsored Prog
1200x Forest Research Laboratory
1300x Other Institutes & Research Centers
15xxx Sponsored Research
16xxx Internally Funded Sponsored Research
17xxx Research Cost Sharing
18xxx Other Sponsored Activities
20xxx Sponsored Public Service
21xxx Extension Programs (except 21010)
ED019K Auxiliary Enterprises
30200 Museums & Galleries
450xx Housing & Dining
455xx to 457xxx Memorial Union
459xx Cascades Campus
46000 Intercollegiate Athletics
47000 Parking Operations
47500 Bookstores
48xxx Other Auxiliary Enterprises
ED019M Dept Admin
01800 Departmental Academic Support
07001 Extended Campus (administrative)
11200 AES Administrative Support
21010 Extension Service Admin
30600 Academic Administration
30800 Other Academic Support
ED019L Ag Experiment Stations
11xxx Ag Exp Stations Research (exclude 11200)