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JV Approval Training

This training is required for anyone that needs journal voucher (JV) approval access in Banner.

The training consists of videos, a user guide, and a test:

  • The videos introduce journal voucher entry, rule codes, and viewing and approving JVs.
  • The user guide contains step by step instructions on approving JVs in Banner and Banner Self Service.  The guide also includes a checklist to use while approving JVs and links to relevant policies.
  • The test is designed to ensure proficiency in the topics covered in the videos as well as FIS Policy 1107.  It includes questions from the videos, relevant policies, and sample JVs.

Training Videos:

User Guide:

Banner FIS JV Approval Guide


The test is delivered through Blackboard.  Please register for Banner FIS JV Approval training through the Professional Development site to access the test. 

Additional Information:

JV approval access in Banner requires completing the Banner FIS JV Approval training (including passing the test with a score of 80% or better) and the Banner FIS Journal Voucher training.