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New Vendor Setup

The New Vendor Setup system allows users to submit requests to set up new vendors through OSU Online Services (Self-Service). Rather than entering vendor information on a paper form, users enter vendor information online and then receive automated emails that help track the status of each request. The system automates delivery and tracking of customized tax forms required for setup (OSU substitute W9/W8 cover page).

The New Vendor Setup system establishes a new university wide process for:

  • Requests to create vendor records for Domestic and Foreign Commercial Businesses
  • Requests to create vendor records for Individuals that operate as businesses (sole proprietors, independent contractors)
  • Requests to create vendor records for students, employees, volunteers, candidates, and participants
  • Requests to reactivate terminated vendors
  • Requests to perform vendor address updates to students, employees, volunteers, candidates, and participants

Training (required for system access)

The training tutorial allows you to practice setting up each vendor type in a simulated environment.  You can go through the entire module or select the vendor type from the table of contents.  Click on the link below to get started. 

New Vendor Setup Request Training Tutorial

Quick Reference Cards - Vendor Setup

The QRCs are short, one-page documents with step-by-step instructions for setting up each vendor type.  Click on the link below to download the QRC for the vendor setup.

U.S. Commercial Business

U.S. Citizen Vendor Options:

Foreign Business

Foreign Citizen Vendor Options:

Quick Reference Cards - Additional System Information

Sample Emails - US Commercial Business

Sample Emails - Foreign Business

Safeguarding Vendor's Sensitive Information

Answering Vendor Questions about Sensitive Data

Frequently Asked Questions


Basic Processing

Specific Vendor Type Processing



1.1 Why is this solution being implemented?
This solution represents the combined efforts of Business Affairs and the Business Centers to improve the vendor setup process to provide more timely and reliable communication, tracking of requests, and improved vendor relations with more timely payment.

1.2 Who will be the point of contact for end user issues?
For procedural help and questions about vendor setup rules and regulations, end users may contact Vendor Maintenance staff at vendor.maintenance@oregonstate.edu or 737-0623. For technical help and questions about self-service page functionality, end users may contact The Business Affairs PIT crew staff at businessaffairspitcrew@oregonsate.edu.

1.3 How do I get access to the New Vendor Setup page?
You must submit an access request form through the established ECS process. Instructions and forms can be found here. When filling out the form, Find the ‘Other’ section under Financial Information Systems and write in ‘New Vendor Setup’.

1.4 Is training required to gain access to the New Vendor Setup page?
Formal classroom training is not required prior to granting access, however, end users are expected to go through the training tutorial found here prior to submitting their first vendor setup request. Additional training may be requested by your supervisor at their discretion.

1.5 Where can I find the training materials website if I lose the link?
Go to the OSU Home page and type “New Vendor Setup” in the search bar in the top right hand corner of the screen. The very first search result will be the training materials site.

1.6 Where can I find the link to the New Vendor Setup request page?
The New Vendor Setup page is in OSU Online Services. From the OSU Home page, click on Online Services in the black toolbar at the top of the screen. On the page that follows, click Online Services Login found in orange print in the middle of the screen. Enter your ONID username and password, then click login. Now click FIS Financial Information. Finally, click New Vendor Setup.


Basic Processing

2.1 When and how will I be notified after I submit a request?
You will receive a confirmation email immediately following your submission letting you know that your request was received. You should retain this as a receipt for your own records. You will also receive an email immediately upon successful setup of the new vendor. If an email address for the vendor is provided, you will be copied on emails to the vendor that communicate what information or action is needed to complete setup.

2.2 How can I tell the status of my request at any given time?
The emails you receive from vendor.maintenance@oregonstate.edu are your keys to understanding the status. If you haven’t received a confirmation email, Vendor Maintenance hasn’t received your request. If you haven’t received a completion email, the request is still being processed. If you haven’t received an email stating that there is a discrepancy with the request, than the request is being processed normally.

2.3 How will I know if there is a problem with my request?
If there is any discrepancy with the information submitted by the requester or information submitted by the new vendor, you will be automatically included in the email sent from Vendor Maintenance to resolve the issue. The email will describe the issue and whose responsibility it is to correct.

2.4 How long does it take to setup a new vendor?
In short, it depends…

For Volunteer, Candidate and Participant submissions with no discrepancies, requests will typically be fulfilled within 2 business days.

For Student or Employee submissions with no discrepancies, requests will typically be fulfilled within 2 business days.

For Commercial Business submissions with no discrepancies, requests will typically be fulfilled within 2 business days of the receipt of the complete, signed, and error-free W9/W8 form. Please note: There are many common scenarios in which setup can be delayed by the receipt of incomplete tax forms or failure to receive the tax form at all.

2.5 How can I edit a request that I previously submitted?
You cannot edit a request you have already submitted. However, you can edit requests that you started, but did not submit for whatever reason. The key is to take note of the request number that is displayed in the top right hand corner of the screen every time you begin a new request. Simply return to the New Vendor Setup page and enter the request number on the very first screen in the appropriate field and click ‘edit’. The system will retrieve all of the selections and information you entered previously for that request. Click ‘Next >>’ to advance through the screens, editing as necessary.

2.6 How can I cancel a request I previously submitted?
If you decide to cancel your request for whatever reason (duplicate request, existing vendor found, purchase canceled, wrong information given), contact Vendor Maintenance staff at vendor.maintenance@oregonstate.edu or 737-0623. You must provide the reference # (same as request #) found in the confirmation email you received after submitting the request. It is recommended to simply reply to the confirmation email with a request to “please cancel.” Note: Vendor Maintenance cannot retract tax forms delivered to vendor email addresses.

2.7 How do I know when Vendor Maintenance has received the tax form from my new vendor?
You will receive either a completion email notifying you that your request has been fulfilled or you will be included on an email to the vendor describing an issue with the form received that prevents Vendor Maintenance from fulfilling your request.

2.8 What do I do if the vendor submits their own generic, pre-filled W9/W8 before I submit the request to set them up?
For domestic vendors: We must insist that they complete the OSU substitute W9 delivered by the system. Generic W9s are not accepted as they do not contain the required information that is present on a completed OSU substitute W9. Therefore, you may submit a new vendor setup request normally. You may wish to explain this to the vendor in advance to avoid delay. For foreign vendors: In the interest of vendor relations and to avoid unnecessary delay, please do not send a new W8 for the vendor to complete. Vendor Maintenance may accept a generic W8 as long its complete, but the reference number is still important. In this case, please submit a request in the system and intentionally omit the vendor’s email address. This will result in the system delivering the W8 coversheet (which contains the reference #) to you, the requester. When you receive it, attach the vendor’s W8 to the coversheet and deliver it to vendor maintenance.

2.9 Why can’t vendors submit their own W9 or one from the IRS?
It is the policy of Oregon State University to require domestic commercial vendors to complete our OSU substitute W9 form as opposed to a W9 from another source (such as the IRS). This is because there is important information gathered on the OSU Substitute W9 that is left out of the IRS W9. Furthermore, the W9s delivered from the system include uniquely identifiable reference #s that link the vendor to the requester. If Vendor maintenance receives a generic W9, they will be unable to refer back to a request and update its status.


Specific Vendor Type Processing

3.1 I submitted a request for a commercial vendor. Whose responsibility is it to follow up with the vendor to ensure that the appropriate tax form is submitted to Vendor Maintenance?
Your request will initiate the appropriate tax form (W9 or W8) to be delivered to the appropriate party. Until the form is received by Vendor Maintenance, it is your responsibility as the requester to ensure the vendor’s compliance with our request to complete and return the tax form.

3.2 I submitted a request for a commercial vendor. Why did I receive an email with instructions to deliver the tax form to the vendor?
If you failed to include an email address for the vendor with your request, the W9/W8 form will be sent to you rather than the vendor directly. Until the form is received by Vendor Maintenance, it is your responsibility as the requester to ensure the vendor’s compliance with our request to complete and return the tax form.

3.3 I submitted a request for a commercial vendor with the incorrect information and now I can’t edit the request. What do I do to correct it?
Please do not submit another request and do not send generic W9/W8 forms to the vendor on your own. The tax forms used with this system have reference #’s that are unique to each vendor. Use your confirmation email to reply to Vendor Maintenance staff and include the corrected information in your email. Vendor Maintenance staff will correct the information in the system and resend tax forms if necessary. Note: If you fail to inform Vendor Maintenance staff of the correction, their ability to communicate with the vendor, resolve discrepancies, and fulfill the request may be lost.

3.4 I want to submit a request for a commercial vendor, but I can’t be sure that the contact information I have will match the company’s invoice or IRS records. What do I do?
Remember that the information you enter for commercial vendors is not the information that Vendor Maintenance will use to create the vendor record in banner. That information can only come from a completed and signed W9/W8 form returned by the vendor. The information you are providing with a commercial vendor request will be used for communication purposes only, including delivery of tax forms required and resolution of discrepancies with forms received. Note: This is fundamentally different from vendor requests for students, employees, volunteers, candidates, and participants, for which vendor records are created from the information you provide.

3.5 Why can’t I submit an address update for a commercial vendor?
Commercial vendors require additional documentation that other vendor types do not. In order to perform address updates for commercial vendors, vendor maintenance staff requires a copy of the vendor’s invoice in order to validate the address to remit payment. Currently, the system cannot accept attached documents to a request, so it cannot accept this type of request. This may be a feature in a future upgrade. In the meantime, you can request a commercial vendor address update by emailing vendor.maintenance@oregonstate.edu with a scanned invoice attached.

3.6 I need to request a vendor setup for the purposes of a Personal Services Contract (PSC) or Personal Services Invoice (PSI). What do I do if I don’t want the system to send a tax form without attaching additional documentation with it?
In this scenario, please do not deliver a generic W9/W8 to the vendor. All of the benefits of having a uniquely identifiable reference # on the forms will be lost and your request will be subject to longer processing time and unnecessary delays. Instead, enter the request in the system with all of the vendor’s contact information with the exception of the vendor’s email address. If you omit the vendor’s email address, the system will email the required tax form to you, the requester, with instructions to deliver to the vendor. You can then include it with additional documentation before sending it along to the vendor.

3.7 I want to request an address update for a Volunteer, Candidate, or Participant, but I don’t have their SSN/Tax ID. Can I use their OSU ID# instead?
Yes and No. The system requires a SSN/Tax ID# for every request to setup a Volunteer, Candidate, or Participant because the information is needed to ensure that we don’t create a duplicate vendor record by mistake. For most existing vendors, the Tax ID should already be known, but not in all cases, so we encourage requesters to provide a SSN/Tax ID if at all possible. However, we realize that it is not necessarily accessible to all requesters in Banner and individuals have the right to refuse to share it with us. Therefore, you may submit a request to update the address of an existing vendor by entering 000000000 in the Tax ID field. However, you MUST include the OSU ID# of the vendor in the Instructions/Comments field or your request will not be fulfilled.