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Year End Closing

Year-End Close is an exciting time to say the least at OSU. Accruals, reversals, deadlines and the wonders of Period 14! Here you will find all the information needed for performing year-end closing duties, as well as the deadlines.

Year End Close for FY14


Year End Close FY14 Forms

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Year End Close for FY13

Other Financial Information:


FA&A Year End Close Contacts:

Mark Fryman 737-0624 OSU/OUS Reports and Schedules
Alex Sims 737-9370 YEC Coordination, PIP Schedule, etc..
Charlotte Rooks 737-5422 Fund Balances, JVs, Reports
Kim Jenkins 737-3792 FUPLOADS, Inter-Institutional JVs, Reports
Stephanie Smith 737-1825 YEC Organization, Messages, JV, Reconcilations
Rae Lee Aguilar 737-0635 Vendor payments, PO/Encumbrance Info
Angelica Smith 737-6047 Assessments & Plant Funds, Reports
Kayla Campbell 737-4084 Fixed Assets
Nancy Boedigheimer 737-7601 Fixed Assets
Rose Hamilton 737-0650 Purchasing Cards (PCards)

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