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Requisition Procedures

Purchasing policies, procedures, and forms for Oregon State University can be found on the OSU Procurement and Contract Services (PaCS) website on the following links:

Pertinent information may also be found within the Oregon University System (OUS) Fiscal Policy Manual.

The FIS Approver, on all Departmental Requisition forms submitted to the UABC, should be listed as “UABC Accounting” with the 541-713-8222 telephone number and UABC.Purchasing@oregonstate.edu email address.

Please include the information detailed below when submitting a Departmental Requisition form to the University Administrative Business Center (UABC), at either UABC.Purchasing@oregonstate.edu or 118 Ballard Extension Hall. The standard Departmental Requisition form can be obtained through the PaCS website at the link above.

  1. Company (Vendor) name with name and email address of vendor contact.
  2. Vendor Code (Banner ID) if known. If a Banner ID has not been established for the vendor in question, a Substitute W-9 & Direct Deposit Authorization Form, completed by the vendor and submitted to OSU Business Affairs, will be required.  This form, with instructions, may be found at https://oscar.oregonstate.edu/ under Downloadable Forms.
  3. Date Required (Expected delivery date). Please be realistic. We normally allow two weeks.
  4. Contact Name,  telephone number, and email address of departmental contact.
  5. Name of university employee to whom the shipment should be sent, if not the departmental contact.
  6. Ship To Code. (Can be obtained from and updated with PaCS. Please make certain that the information associated with this code is up to date. If it isn’t, the shipment may be sent to the wrong location).
  7. Buyer Code. (Can be obtained from and updated with PaCS. Please make certain that the information associated with this code is up to date).
  8. Product catalog numbers, descriptions, quantities, and pricing. They should match up with appropriate quote.
  9. Three or more vendor quotes or one quote with a sole source justification form (Obtainable from PaCS link above). This is desired for orders below $25,000.00, but not needed for orders above $25,000.00.
    1. A sole source form is not required with a single quote provided there is an existing governmental contract with the vendor.
    2. A Request For Quote (RFQ) or Request For Proposal (RFP) will presently only be accepted by the UABC in amounts of $25,000.00 or over. Specific quotes, as detailed above, are desired for amounts below $25,000.00.
  10. Index or grant number(s).
  11. Applicable account code(s). Please refer to a listing of valid account codes and/or a guide to account code selection.
  12. Activity code(s) if applicable.
  13. Signature of appropriate budget authority. Please also print name alongside signature.

Your assistance by providing as much of the information as possible each time you submit a Departmental Requisition is appreciated. For questions and inquiries, please contact John DeVoe at UABC.Purchasing@oregonstate.edu and/or 541-737-1284.

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