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The business center vision at implementation was to increase efficiency and improve service to faculty, staff, and students at Oregon State University. With the implementation complete, the initial metrics and satisfaction surveys indicate the business centers are making progress toward fulfilling the vision. Post implementation, the vision is evolving to include continuous improvement in transaction processing, financial reporting, and assisting the University in developing an effective and high quality workforce.

To achieve this vision, the business center goals are shifting from the implementation phase to creating the ideal business center workforce, improving client satisfaction, and collaborating with functional leadership and other support units to improve process, policy and technology.  The goals for 2013-14 represent the business center management’s commitment to quality, integrity, and flexibility, in helping all achieve their goals for a better Oregon State University.



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Business Center Admin Oregon State University 510 Kerr Admin Building Corvallis, OR 97331 Phone: 541-737-4121 Fax: 541-737-3167
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