Meyer Program

The Meyer Program supports OSU students, helping them see themselves as scholars.  We do this by providing access to academic support and building community with other students.  Additionally, as OSU is a research intensive university, it can be a demanding and challenging campus for many.  Not all students feel equipped with the required tools to be successful at such an institution.   What we know through research is that students who seek support services feel connected, do better academically, and develop skills employers look for.  

The Meyer Program helps students facilitate students' academic development.  We believe learning is a process and students thrive when students learn to learn, are challenged and supported, and when learning happens collaboratively.  

Connected with the three goals of OSU’s strategic plan, the Meyer Program:

  1. Provides a safe and supportive environment while challenging students to be their best.

  2. Strives to provide leadership/examples of academic success as part of the fabric of OSU, will producing scholars, supporting creativity in and out of the classroom, and continuing to research best practices in academic success for all students

  3. Provides students with tools to be successful in their current academic work and in preparation for their future community and civic engagement, and careers.  

As part of Meyer, we offer a Bridge Program, culturally relevant first-year experience (UEngage) courses, and peer-led academic mentoring in the cultural centers.  All students have access to our free services.  

The Three-Day Summer Bridge Program

  • Build Community
  • Academic Skills Conference 

First-Year Experience U-Engage Courses

  • Fall term - History of People of Color in Oregon 
  • Fall Term - Latin@ Leaders in History
  • Winter term - History of People of Color in Oregon 

Academic Support in the Cultural Centers

  • Centro Cultural César Chávez
  • Native American Longhouse, Eena Haws
  • Lonnie B. Harris Black Cultural Center
  • Asian & Pacific Cultural Center