EOARC Faculty, Staff, and Graduate Students

Union Station - Faculty & Staff Contacts (Phone 541-562-5129)

Josh Averett: Faculty Research Assistant. Field of Interest: Rangeland Ecology & Management

Dr. Tim DelCurto: Program Head & Director. Field of Interest: Range Beef Cattle Nutrition and Management. email

Karen Erickson:  Faculty Research Assistant

Kenny Fite: Ranch Manager

K. Mark Fite: Assistant Herdsman

Dr. Pat Kennedy: Professor. Field of Interest: Ecology of avian populations and  communities in managed landscapes.

Dr. James McIver: Associate Professor. Field of Interest: Forest and Range Ecology and Management & Insect Ecology.

Kim McKague: Facilities & Budget Manager

Dr. Carrie Roever: Postdoctoral Scholar

Dr. Martin Vavra: Professor Emeritus


OSU Agricultural Program at EOU - Faculty and Staff Contacts

Agricultural Sciences:

Dr. Chad Mueller: Program Coordinator & Head Advisor - Field of Interest: Nutritional and management issues affecting calf performance- phone 541-962-3789

Crop and Soil Science:

Austin Hawks, Instructor - phone 541-962-3543

Dr. Gary Kiemnec, Associate Professor - phone 541-962-3811

Dr. Guojie Wang, Assistant Professor - phone 541-962-3641


Rangeland Ecology and Management:

Dr. Bryan Endress, Assistant Professor - phone 541-962-3115

Dr. Lesley Morris, Assistant Professor - phone 541-962-3812


OSU Agricultural Program Staff:

Michelle Hines: Office and Advising Coordinator,  phone 541-962-3612 or email

Graduate Students

Alyson Hicks-Lynch, Range & Animal Sciences

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