The Eastern Oregon Agriculture and Natural Resource Program was created July 1, 2011 with the merger of the OSU Agriculture Program and the Eastern Oregon Agriculture Research Centers branch stations in Union and Burns. The OSU Agriculture program at EOU was established in September 1984 following unanimous approval by the Oregon State Board of Higher Education. The program was created as a cooperative program between Oregon State University and Eastern Oregon University (formerly Eastern Oregon State College) and evolved following a 1980 memorandum of understanding between OSU and EOU. That agreement committed each institution to cooperate and coordinate policy, programs, activities, and services in the ten eastern Oregon counties that form the primary service area of EOU.

The Union Station is Oregon State University’s first branch research station (established in 1901). The station’s primary mission is to conduct research unique to beef production in the intermountain west. The Union Station contains the oldest “university owned” agroforestry research sites and is uniquely suited to address long-term sustainability questions relative to domestic livestock grazing and subsequent impacts on wildlife and vegetation diversity on forested rangelands. In recent years, threatened and endangered species (including Chinook salmon, bull trout, and steelhead) and a rapid increase in predators (including mountain lion, bear, and wolves) has created a significant research need to address the issues these changes create for agriculture in the region.

Our overall program goals are to make the Eastern Oregon Agriculture and Natural Resource Program a center of excellence with national recognition for Rangeland Ecology and Management as well as Sustainable Rangeland Beef Production Systems.  The integration of undergraduate students in ongoing research at the Branch Experiment Stations, added emphasis on experiential learning, and increased emphasis on knowledge of global beef production will make this program unique.

Funding for Land Grant Universities and associated agricultural research has been on the decline for several decades. As the stability of recurring base funds continue to decline, most disciplines in agricultural research have looked to competitive grants and contracts (industry partnerships) to fill their budgetary needs. Please consider making a gift of $500, $250, $100, or another amount to EOARC-Union. Every gift to EOANRP creates positive change and will have an immediate impact.

We greatly appreciate your support!

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