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2016 Advisory Committee Meeting
2016 Advisory Committee Meeting


Meet the Scientists at the Eastern Oregon Agricultural Research Center

There are ten research scientists at the Eastern Oregon Agricultural Research Center.  Six scientists are with USDA-Agricultural Research Service and four are with Oregon State University are stationed at the Burns location.  We also have a sister station in Union Oregon. Click on the name of the scientist you are interested in to find out more about their background, past research, current activitites, and how to contact them.

USDA-Agricultural Research Service Scientists

Oregon State University Scientists


There are many people who help to make the Eastern Oregon Agricultural Research Center run smoothly and efficiently.

These folks work for USDA-Agricultural Research Service or Oregon State University. To contact a staff member click on their email link below, or call (541) 573-8900.

USDA-ARS Administrative and Support Staff:

Oregon State University Administrative and Support Staff:


The committee reviews the research and outreach programs of EOARC on an annual basis and provides input on ways to strengthen the program. They also: 1) enter into discussions with EOARC staff on the most important emerging issues and priorities for future research, 2) provide input on action items to improve the impact of our work, and 3) suggest opportunities to enhance communications between EOARC and various stakeholder groups.

  • Hugh Barrett, Natural Resource Consultant
  • John Breese, Rancher
  • Brendan Cain, BLM
  • Stacy Davies, Rancher
  • Mark Doverspike, Rancher
  • Bill Dragt, BLM
  • Don Dryer, Rancher
  • Dick Field, Rancher
  • Garth Fuller, Nature Conservancy
  • Dustin Johnson, Harney Co Extension
  • Jay Kerby, Nature Conservancy
  • Jesse Laird, Rancher
  • Jeremy Maestas, NRCS/IWJV
  • Gary Marshall, Rancher
  • Dan Nichols, County Commissioner
  • John O'Keefe, Rancher
  • J.C. Oliver, Rancher
  • Fred Otley, Chair, Rancher
  • Bill Pieratt, BLM
  • Jeffrey Rose, BLM
  • Robert Skinner, Rancher
  • Jack Southworth, Rancher
  • Bruce Taylor, Defenders of Wildlife
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