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Response of Sitanion Hystrix (Nutt.) J.G. to prescribed burning.
Richard P. Young and Richard F. Miller
American Midland Naturalist 113(1):182-187 1985

Prescribed fire for eastern Oregon rangelands: management considerations.
E. Schmisseur and R. F. Miller
Circular of Info. 699. Oregon Agr. Exp. Sta., Corvallis. September 1985

Ecology and plant communities of the riparian area associated with Catherine Creek in northeastern Oregon.
J. Boone Kauffman, W.C. Krueger and M. Vavra
Oregon State Univ. Technical Bulletin 147. 1985

Winter nutrition of fall-calving cows and calves.
H.A. Turner and R.J. Raleigh
Ag. Exp. Sta. Tech. Bull. 665, Oregon State Univ. October 1985

Seasonal forage production and quality on four native and improved plant communities in
eastern Oregon.
T. Svejcar and M. Vavra
Ag. Exp. Sta. Tech. Bull. 149, Oregon State Univ. September 1985

1985 Progress Report -- Research in Rangeland Management.
M.R. Vaitkus, et al.
Special Report 743 June 1985

Effects of tractor logging on soils and vegetation in eastern Oregon.
Michael D. Snider and Richard F. Miller
Soil Science Society of America Journal 49:1280-1282 1985

Long-term effects of monensin supplementation on productive and reproductive performance
of beef cows.
H.A. Turner and D.C. Young
Proceedings, Western Section, ASAS, Vol. 36:82-85 1985

The influence of several range improvements on estimated carrying capacity and potential
beef production.
Tony Svejcar and Martin Vavra
JRM 38(5):395-399 September 1985

Effect of N fertilizer on protein content of grain, straw, and chaff tissue in soft white
winter wheat.
D.M. Glenn, A. Carey, F.E. Bolton, and M. Vavra
Agronomy Journal 77:229-232 March 1985

Effects of moisture and temperature on germination of Idaho fescue.
Paul Doescher, Richard Miller, and Alma Winward
JRM 38(4):317-320 July 1985



Short Duration Grazing.
Raymond F. Angell
Proceedings of the Short Duration Grazing and Current Issues
in Grazing Management Shortcourse, Kennewick, Washington 1986

Nitrogen - sulfur relations in Nordan crested wheatgrass (Agropyron desertorum) and its response to nitrogen and sulfur fertilizer.
F.A. Sneva
In: Johnson, K.L. (ed.). 1986. Crested wheatgrass: its values, problems and myths; symposium proceedings. Utah State Univ., Logan 1986

Comparative water relations of Carex geyeri and Calamagrostis rubescens.
T. Svejcar
Botanical Gazette 147(1):71-77 1986

Insect predation on Astragalus filipes and A. purshii seeds.
B.A. Youtie and R.F. Miller
Northwest Science 60(1):42-46 1986

Nitrogen-sulfur relations in Nordan crested wheatgrass (Agropyron desertorum) and its
response to nitrogen and sulfur fertilizer.
Forrest A. Sneva
In: Johnson, K.L. (ed.). 1986. Crested Wheatgrass: Its Problems and Myths; Symposium Proceedings. Utah State Univ., Logan. 1986

Manipulative grazing of plant communities.
Martin Vavra
In: Gudmundsson, O. (ed.). 1986. Grazing Research at Northern Latitudes. Plenum Publishing Corp. 1986

Oregon State Univ. Beef Cattle Day and Board Meeting.
H.A. Turner, et al. May 1986

Tolerances of sagebrush, rabbitbrush, and greasewood to elevated water tables.
D.C. Ganskopp
JRM 39(4):334-337. July 1986

Estimating leaf area of big sagebrush from measurement of sapwood.
D.C. Ganskopp and R.F. Miller
JRM 39(4):338-340. July 1986

Identification of the Artemisia tridentata ssp. wyomingensis/festuca idahoensis habitat type
in eastern Oregon.
P.S. Doescher, R.F. Miller, S.R. Swanson, and A.H. Winward
Northwest Science 60(1):55-60. 1986

Gonandtropin releasing hormone-induced release of luteinizing hormone during the milk
ejection reflex in the postpartum beef cow.
J.R. Jaeger, H.A. Turner, and F. Stormshak
Proceedings, Western Section, ASAS, Vol. 37:33-35. 1986

Factors associated with dystocia in beef heifers.
M.L. McInnis, H.A. Turner, and R.F. Angell.
Proceedings, Western Section ASAS, Vol. 37:162-165 1986

Summer diets of domestic sheep grazing mountain meadows in north eastern Oregon.
M.L. McInnis and M. Vavra
Northwest Science 60(4):265-270. 1986

The ecology and management of bluebunch wheatgrass (Agropyron spicatum): A review.
R.F. Miller, J.M. Seufert, and M.R. Haferkamp
Station Bulletin 669. Ag. Exp. Sta. OSU, Corvallis. 1986

Diets and live weight changes of cattle grazing fall burned Gulf cordgrass.
R.F. Angell, J.W. Stuth, and D.L. Drawe
JRM 39(3):233-236 May 1986

Habitat use by feral horses in the Northern Sagebrush Steppe.
D. Ganskopp and M. Vavra
JRM 39(3):207-211 May 1986

Special Report 773 June 1986

  1. Krueger W.C., and M. Vavra
    The Hall Ranch
  2. Miller, Richard F., Drueger, William C. and Vavra, Martin
    Twelve years of plant succession on a seeded clearcut under grazing protection from cattle
  3. Doescher Paul S., and Mabel Alejandro
    Grazing as an alternative silvicultural practice.
  4. Jaindl, Raymond, and Steven H. Sharrow
    Forest grazing: Willamette valley plots revisited 20 years later
  5. Rose , Jeffrey, and Lee Eddleman
    Ponderosa pine and understory vegetation response to western juniper removal.
  6. Schrumpt Barry J., and william J. Ripple
    Monitoring elk impacts in the subalpine of Mount Rainier National Park
  7. McInnis, Michael L., Thomas M. Quigley, and Martin Vavra
    Using computer simulation to estimate grazing capacity and beef production
  8. Previous rangeland management progress reports

The Ecology and Management of Bluebunch Wheatgrass (Agropyron spicatum): A Review
R.F. Miller, J.M. Seufart, and M.R. Haferkamp

Agricultural Experiment Station, OSU Station Bulletin 669 December 1986



Drilling versus imprinting for establishing crested wheatgrass in the sagebrush-bunchgrass steppe.
M.R. Haferkamp, D.C. Ganskopp, R.F. Miller, and F.A. Sneva
JRM 40(6):524-530 November 1987

Breed and heterosis effects on wool and lamb production of rotationally crossed ewes.
C. Gallivan, W.D. Hohenboken and M. Vavra
Journal of Animal Science 64:43-49. 1987

1987 Progress Report: Research in beef cattle nutrition and management.
Oregon Agricultural Experiment Station Special Report 801 May 1987

  1. Turner, H.A.
    Utilizing rake-bunched hay for wintering mature cows
  2. Tinsley, I.J., P.D. Whanger, and J.B.J. van Ryssen
    Plasma levels of vitamin E and Vitamin A in cattle raised over a one year period on the Squaw Butte and Union Stations.
  3. Whanger, P.S., J.BJ van Ryssen, H.A. Turner, and I.J. Tinsley
    Influence of routine management practices at Burns and Union, Oregon, on selenium, copper, zinc and cobalt status of cattle.
  4. van Ryssen J.B.J.
    Aspects of livestock production in South Africa

Growth of introduced temperate legumes in the Edwards Plateau and south Texas plains.
E.C. Holt and M.R. Haferkamp
JRM 40(2):132-135 March 1987

Forage kochia germination response to temperature, water stress, and specific ions.
J.T. Romo and M.R. Haferkamp
Agronomy Journal 79:27-30 1987

Effects of osmotic potential, potassium chloride, and sodium chloride on germination of greasewood (Sarcobatus vermiculatus).
James T. Romo and Marshall R. Haferkamp
Great Basin Naturalist 47(1):110-116 January 1987

Establishing grasses by imprinting in the northwestern United States.
M.R. Haferkamp, D.C. Ganskopp, R.F. Miller, F.A. Sneva,
K.L. Marietta and D. Couche
In: Frasier, G.W. and Evans, R.A. (eds.) Proceedings of Symposium "Seed and Seedbed Ecology of Rangeland Plants" April 1987

Special Report 803 June 1987

  1. Eddleman Lee E.
    Ecology of western juniper
  2. Miller, Richard F., and Raymond F. Angell
    Competition for soil moisture by woody species in the juniper zone
  3. Rose, Jeffrey A., and Lee E. Eddleman
    Western juniper, Ponderosa pine, and grass
  4. Buckhouse, John C.
    Watershed management in the juniper zone
  5. McInnis Michael L., and Martin Vavra
    Beef cattle production on western juniper rangelands

Slope use by cattle, feral horses, deer, and bighorn sheep.
D. Ganskopp and M. Vavra
Northwest Science 61(2):74-81 1987

Gonadotropin releasing hormone-induced secretion of luteinizing hormone during the milk-ejection reflex in the postpartum beef cow.
J.R. Jaeger, H.A. Turner, and Fredrick Stormshak
Journal of Animal Science 65:543-547 1987

Development and longevity of ephemeral and perennial leaves on Artemisia tridentata Nutt.
spp. Wyomingensis.
R.F. Miller and Leila M. Shultz
Great Basin Naturalist 47(2):227-230 April 1987

Mefluidide effects on forage quality of crested wheatgrass.
M.R. Haferkamp, R.F. Miller, and F.A. Sneva
Agronomy Journal 79(4):637-641 1987

Water relations and leaf morphology of Juniperus occidentalis in the Northern Great Basin.
Richard F. Miller and Leila M. Shultz
Forest Science 33(3):690-706 1987

Systems for reducing dependency on harvested forage for wintering cows.
H.A. Turner and R.F. Angell
Proceedings, Western Section, ASAS, Vol. 38, pp. 197-200 1987

Relationship of western juniper stem conducting tissue and basal circumference to leaf
area and biomass.
R.F. Miller, L.E. Eddleman, and R.F. Angell
The Great Basin Naturalist 47(3):349-354 July 1987

Grazing system influences on cattle performance on mountain range.
J.L. Holechek, T.J. Berry, and M. Vavra
JRM 40(1):55-59 January 1987

Dietary relationships among feral horses, cattle, and pronghorn in southeastern Oregon.
M.L. McInnis and M. Vavra
JRM 40(1):60-66. January 1987



Modeling: Three approaches to predicting how herbivore impact is distributed in rangelands.
Mark Stafford Smith
New Mexico State Univ., Agricultural Exp. Station Research Rpt. 628
The Oregon Agricultural Experiment Station was a cooperating agency June 1988

Range Research Areas in the Western United States.
William A. Laycock, Administrative Assistant to WRCC-40
M.R. Haferkamp, P.O. Currie, J. Menke, and B. Zamora, editors
Agricultural Experiment Station, OSU, Station Bulletin 671 May 1988

Comparative water relations in Artemisia tridentata Nutt. subsp. wyomingensis and Kochia prostrata (L.) Schrad.
J.T. Romo and M.R. Haferkamp
Journal of Arid Environments 15:53-64 1988

Mineral and vitamin status of steers under various management practices in eastern Oregon
as determined by hepatic, plasma and hair samples.
H.A. Turner, P.D. Whanger, J.B.J. van Ryssen and I.J. Tinsley.
Proceedings Western Section, ASAS, Volume 39, 82-85 1988

Defoliation of Thurber needlegrass: herbage and root responses.
D. Ganskopp
JRM 41(6):472-476 November 1988

Comparison of water use of Artemisia tridentata spp. Wyomingensis and Chrysothamnus viscidiflorus spp. viscidiflorus.
R.F. Miller
JRM 41(1):58-62 January 1988

Environmental factors affecting plant productivity.
Marshall R. Haferkamp
In: (R.S.White and R.E. Short eds.) Achieving Efficient Use of
Rangeland Resources, Fort Keogh Research Symposium, Miles City, Montana Feb. 1988



Water relations of Artemisia tridentata ssp. wyomingensis and Sarcobatus vermiculatus in the steppe of southeastern Oregon.
J.T. Romo and M.R. Haferkamp
American Midland Naturalist 121:155-164 1989

Executive summary - Joint HVDC agricultural study.
Robert J. Raleigh
OSU and Department of Energy, Bonneville Power Administration February 1989

Implications of Dietary Overlap to Management of Free-Ranging Large Herbivores.
M. Vavra, M. McInnis and D. Sheehy
Proceedings, Western Section ASAS, Vol 40:489-495 1989

A definitive study of the dose-response relationship of tetronasin in steers on pasture.
H.A. Turner and J.H. Bailie
Proceedings, Western Section, ASAS, Vol. 40:113-115 1989

Supplementation with injectable zinc, copper and selenium and the effects on average daily
gain and plasma levels of weaned steers.
T.O. Dill, H.A. Turner, D.W. Weber, and P.H. Whanger
Proceedings, Western Section ASAS, Vol. 40:377-380. 1989

Supplement to SB 659: Adjusting and forecasting herbage yields in the intermountain big sagebrush region of the steppe province.
F.A. Sneva
Oregon State Univ. Agricultural Experiment Station,
Station Bulletin 673 April 1989



Variability of crude protein in crested wheatgrass at defined stages of phenology.
Raymond F. Angell, Richard F. Miller and Marshall R. Haferkamp
JRM 43(3):186-189 May 1990

Clipping date effects on soil water and regrowth in crested wheatgrass.
Richard F. Miller, Marshall R. Haferkamp, and Raymond F. Angell.
JRM 43(3):253-257. May 1990

Power requirements of an imprinter and rangeland drill.
Dale E. Wilkins, Marshall R. Haferkamp, and David C. Ganskopp.
JRM 43(3):274-275. May 1990

An assessment of cow winter feeding regimes using a net energy based biophysical-economic simulation model.
J.D. Bates, H.A. Turner, and F.W. Obermiller
Proceedings, Western Section, ASAS, 41:137-140 1990

Effects of zinc, copper and selenium supplementation on the humoral immune system of
weaned steers.
T.O. Dill, H.A. Turner, D.W. Weber, D.E. Mattson, and R.J. Baker
Proceedings, Western Section, ASAS 41:399-401 1990

Effects of Nitrogen Availability on Growth and Photosynthesis of Artemisia tridentate ssp. wyomingensis.
P.S. Doescher, R. F. Miller, J. Wang, and Jeff Rose
Great Basin Naturalist 50(1): 9-19 1990

Common concerns and shared interests: Research potentials in Oregon for the Great Basin range and forests.
Convened by the Oregon Agricultural Experiment Station
Report of a meeting April 1990

Considerations for Considerations for Rangeland and Livestock During Drought.
R. Angell, D. C. Ganskopp, L. Hammond, R. F. Miller, T. DelCurto, H. A. Turner, and Martin Vavra 1990

Predicting beef cattle stocking rates and live weight gains on Eastern Oregon rangelands: Description of a model.
M.L. McInnis, T.M. Quigley, M. Vavra and H.R. Sanderson
Simulation 137-145 September 1990

Effects of a high-voltage direct-current transmission line on beef cattle production.
R.F. Angell, M.R. Schott, R.J. Raleigh and T.D. Bracken
Bioelectromagnetics 11:273-282 1990

Environmental influences on germination of utricles and seedling establishment of ‘immigrant’ forage kochia
Marshall R. Haferkamp, David C. Ganskopp, Kay L. Marietta, and Bradford W. Knapp

J. Range Manage. 43(6) November 1990


Use of Grass Seed Residues as a Winter Feed Resource for Beef Cattle
David Chamberlain and Tim DelCurto

EOARC Circular of Information No.2



Mineral Status of Steers in Eastern Oregon
J.B.J. Van Ryssen, P.D. Whanger, H.A. Turner, I.J. Tinsley, and J.E. Oldfield
Professional Animal Scientist 7:37-45 December 1991

Nutritional and managerial considerations for range beef cattle production.
H.A. Turner and T. DelCurto
Beef Cattle Nutrition
Veterinary Clinics of North America
Food Animal Practice March 1991

Behavior of cattle in pens exposed to + 500 KV DC transmission lines.
D. Ganskopp, R. Raleigh, M. Schott, and T.D. Bracken
Applied Animal Behavior Science 30:1-16 1991

Understory Vegetation Response to Increasing Water and Nitrogen Levels in a Pinus
ponderosa Forest in Northeastern Oregon.
G. M. Riegel, R.F. Miller and W.C. Krueger
Northwest Science 65(1):10-15. 1991

Urea-ammoniation and (or) Supplementation Strategies to Improve the Nutritive Value of
Tall Fescue Straw for Beef Cattle Production.
T. DelCurto, R.K. Barton, P.R. Cheeke and H.A. Turner
Proceedings, Western Section, ASAS Vol. 42. 1991

Humoral Immune System Response to Copper and Selenium Supplementation in Weaned
Beef Steers.
T.O. Dill, H.A. Turner, D.W. Weber, D.E. Mattson, R.J. Baker and P.D. Whanger
Proceedings, Western Section, ASAS Vol. 42 1991

OSU Dept. of Animal Sciences 1991 Progress Report. SR 878. 1991

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    Serum growth hormone-binding protein in domestic animal
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    Effect of dietary protein degradability on fertility of dairy cattle
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    NCALC- A software program for balancing manure resource use
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    Effect of late gestation supplementation of multiple bearing ewes on lamb birth weights, survival and weaning weight.

Influence of Protein Supplements on the Intake and Utilization of Low-Quality Roughages
Tim DelCurto 1991

Effects of Strip Versus Continuous Grazing on Diet Parameter and Performance of Steers Grazing Eastern Oregon Native Flood Meadows
D.K. Blount, R.F. Angell, H.A. Turner, and D.W. Weber
The Professional Animal Scientist 7(2) July 1991

Management in the Sagebrush Steppe. (Special Report 880). 1991.

  1. Winward, Al
    A renewed commitment to management of sagebrush grasslands
  2. Miller, Richard F., Paul Doescher, and Teal Purrington
    Dry-west cycles and sagebrush in the great basin
  3. Miller, Patsy
    Using past climatic data to estimate effects of predicted climate change on temperature and precipitation in South Central Oregon
  4. McInnis, Michael L., Larry L. Larson, and Richard F. Miller
    Grazing management strategies to control weeds
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    Alfalfa supplementation of beef cattle grazing winter sagebrush-steppe range forage
  7. Ganskopp David
    How finicky are cattle about wolf plants?
  8. Miller, Richard F., and Jeff A. Rose
    Responses of crested wheatgrass (Agropyron desertorum) growth and carbon allocation to fall defoliation

Failures in the Assumptions of the Condition and Trend Concept for Management of Natural Ecosystems
Tony Svejcar and Joel R. Brown
Rangelands 13(4), August 1991

Response of Artemisia tridentata ssp. wyomingensis and Stipa thurberiana to nitrogen amendments.
R.F. Miller, P.S. Doescher and J. Wang
Amer. Midl. Nat. 125:104-113 1991

The grass seedling: When is it established?
R.E. Ries and T.J. Svejcar
JRM. 44(6):574-576 November, 1991



Growth and carbon allocation of Agropyron desertorum following autumn defoliation
R.F. Miller and J.A. Rose
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Response of cattle to cured reproductive stems in a caespitose grass
David Ganskopp, Ray Angell and Jeff Rose
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Bunchgrass basal area affects selection of plants by cattle
David Ganskopp and Jeff Rose
JRM 45(6):538-541 November 1992

Effects of Zeranol and Monensin on Reproductive Performance of Replacement Heifers
T.O. Dill, H.A. Turner, and D.W. Weber
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Factors Associated with Dystocia in Beef Heifers
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Is The Range Condition Concept Compatible With Ecosystem Dynamics?
Tony Svejcar and Joel Brown
Symposium, 1992 Annual Meeting of Society of Range Management

Livestock and Big Game Forage Relationships
Martin Vavra
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Competition for Resources Between Understory Vegetation and Overstory

Pinus Ponderosa in Northeastern Oregon
G.M. Riegel, R.F. Miller, and William Krueger
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Range Field Day Report: Livestock and Forest Renewal: Research in Rangeland Management
Dept. of Rangeland Res. OSU, Corvallis, OR. June 12, 1993.
Rangeland Science Series #2

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EOARC Annual Report, Special Report 923
Agricultural Experiment Station, OSU. June, 1993

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    Great Basin
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