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Special Report, 2014

Management and Ecology of the Sagebrush Steppe: 2014 Research Update
Improving Reseeding Success after Catastrophic Wildfire with Surfactant Seed Coating Technology

Report, 2014

Medusahead Management Guide for the Western States
Using Resistance and Resilience Concepts to Reduce Impacts of Invasive Annual Grasses and Altered Fire Regimes on the Sagebrush Ecosystem and Greater Sage-Grouse: A Strategic Multi-Scale Approach

Publication, 2014

Effects of supplementation of calcium salts of polyunsaturated fatty acids on serum concentrations of progesterone and insulin of pregnant dairy cows
Improving restoration of exotic annual grass-invaded rangelands through activated carbon seed enhancement technologies
Effects of excessive energy intake and supplementation with chromium propionate on insulin resistance parameters in nonlactating dairy cows
Incorporation of sexed semen into reproductive management of cow-calf operations
Implications of longer term rest from grazing in the sagebrush steppe
Restoration of Mountain Big Sagebrush Steppe following prescribed burning to control Western Juniper
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