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Publication, 2015

Effects of Excessive Energy Intake and Supplementation with Chromium Propionate on Insulin Resistance Parameters, Milk Production, and Reproductive Outcomes of Lactating Dairy Cows
Creep-Feeding to Stimulate Metabolic Imprinting in Nursing Beef Heifers: Impacts on Heifer Growth, Reproductive and Physiological Variables
Effects of Rumen-Protected Choline Supplementation on Metabolic and Performance Responses of Transition Dairy Cows
Stocking Rate and Monensin Supplemental Level Effects on Growth Performance of Beef Cattle Consuming Warm-Season Grasses
Effects of Vaccination Against Respiratory Pathogens on Feed Intake, Metabolic, and Inflammatory Responses in Beef Heifers
Increasing the Metabolizable Protein Supply Enhanced Growth Performance and Led to Variable Results on Innate and Humoral Immune Response of Preconditioning Beef Steers
Effects of Oral Meloxicam Administration to Beef Cattle Receiving Lipopolysaccharide Administration or Vaccination Against Respiratory Pathogens
Impacts of Temperament on Nellore Cattle: Physiological Responses, Feedlot Performance, and Carcass Characteristics
Decreasing the Frequency of Energy Supplementation from Daily to Three Times Weekly Impairs Growth and Humoral Immune Response of Preconditioning Beef Steers
Expression of Estrus Modifies the Gene Expression Profile in Reproductive Tissues on Day 19 of Gestation in Beef Cows
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