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Publication, 2015

Implementing Strategic Weed Prevention Programs to Protect Rangeland Ecosystems
Dormant Season Grazing May Decrease Wildfire Probability by Increasing Fuel Moisture and Reducing Fuel Amount and Continuity
Winter Grazing Can Reduce Wildfire Size, Intensity and Behaviour in a Shrub-grassland
Seasonal Burning of Juniper Woodlands and Spatial Recovery of Herbaceous Vegetation
Prefire (Preemptive) Management to Decrease Fire-Induced Bunchgrass Mortality and Reduce Reliance on Postfire Seeding
Effects of Excessive Energy Intake and Supplementation with Chromium Propionate on Insulin Resistance Parameters, Milk Production, and Reproductive Outcomes of Lactating Dairy Cows
Creep-Feeding to Stimulate Metabolic Imprinting in Nursing Beef Heifers: Impacts on Heifer Growth, Reproductive and Physiological Variables
Effects of Rumen-Protected Choline Supplementation on Metabolic and Performance Responses of Transition Dairy Cows
Stocking Rate and Monensin Supplemental Level Effects on Growth Performance of Beef Cattle Consuming Warm-Season Grasses
Effects of Vaccination Against Respiratory Pathogens on Feed Intake, Metabolic, and Inflammatory Responses in Beef Heifers
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