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Publication, 2015

Impacts of Cow Nutritional Management During Gestation on Performance of the Offspring
Role of propagule pressure and priority effects on seedlings during invasion and restoration of...
Economic savings from invasive plant prevention
Seed and seedling traits affecting critical life stage transitions and recruitment outcomes in...
Evaluating winter/spring seeding of a native perennial bunchgrass in the sagebrush steppe
Boyd, C. S. & Lemos, J.A.

Proceedings, 2015

Effects of Organic or Inorganic Co, Cu, Mn, and Zn Supplemenation to Late-Gestating Beef Cows on...
Meloxicam as an Alternative to Alleviate Inflammatory and Acute-Phase Reactions in Beef Cattle Upon...
cattle, vaccination

Fact Sheet, 2015

Great Basin Fact Sheet – Limiting Medusahead Invasion and Impacts in the Great Basin
Great Basin Fact Sheet – Reestablishing Perennial-Dominated Plant Communities in Medusahead-Invaded...
Great Basin Fact Sheet – Conifer Removal in the Sagebrush Steppe: the why, when, where, and how
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