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Publication, 2016

Do key dimensions of seed and seedling functional trait variation capture variation in recruitment probability?
Annual grass invasion in sagebrush steppe: the relative importance of climate, soil properties and biotic interactions
Bansal, S. & Sheley, R. L.
Spatial and temporal variability in minimum temperature trends in the western U.S. sagebrush steppe
Emerging seed enhancement technologies for overcoming barriers to restoration
Frequency of wet brewers grains supplementation during late gestation of beef cows and its effects on offspring postnatal growth and immunity
Decreasing the frequency and rate of wet brewers grains supplementation did not impact growth but reduced humoral immune response of preconditioning beef heifers
Effects of timing of anabolic implant insertion on growth and immunity of recently weaned beef steers
Physiologic, health, and production responses of dairy cows supplemented with an immunomodulatory feed ingredient during the transition period
Impacts of cow body condition score during gestation on weaning performance of the offspring
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