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Publication, 2016

Effects of intermediate-term grazing rest on sagebrush communities with depleted understories: evidence of a threshold
Pre-fire grazing by cattle increases post-fire resistance to exotic annual grass (Bromus tectorum) invasion and dominance for decades
Impacts of meloxicam administration before temporary calf weaning on physiological and reproductive responses of Bos indicus beef cows
Effects of organic or inorganic cobalt, copper, manganese, and zinc supplementation to late-gestating beef cows on productive and physiological responses of the offspring
Effects of vaccination against foot-and-mouth disease virus on reproductive performance of Bos indicus beef cows
Short-term energy restriction during late gestation of beef cows decreases postweaning calf humoral immune response to vaccination
Compensatory photosynthesis, water-use efficiency, and biomass allocation of defoliated exotic and native bunchgrass seedlings
Disturbance history, management, and seeding year precipitation influences vegetation characteristics of crested wheatgrass stands
Temporal variability in microclimatic conditions for grass germination and emergence in the sagebrush steppe
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