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Technical paper, 1955

Soil firming may improve range seeding operations
firm soil, seeding

Station Techincal Bulletin, 1955

Rate and efficiency of gains in beef cattle. 3. Factors affecting weight and effectiveness of selection for gains in weight
Effect of form and rate of active ingredient, spraying season, solution volume, type of solvent on the mortality of big sagebrush (Artemisia tridentata)
Hyder, D.N. & Sneva, F.A.

Station Bulletin, 1955

A comparison of Brahman X Hereford crossbreds with Herefords
More mountain meadow hay with Fertilizer
Cooper, C.S.

Report, 1955

1955 Field Day Report: Mountain Meadow Improvement Studies
Cooper, C.S.
1955 Field Day Report: Beef cattle research at the Squaw Butte Station Livestock Field Day
1955 Field Day Report: Range Improvement Research

Technical paper, 1954

A method for rating the success of range seeding
density, sampling, seeding
Hyder, D.N. & Sneva, F.A.

Station Bulletin, 1954

Spray to control big sagebrush
Hyder, D.N.
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