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Publication, 2014

Vegetation recovery and fuel reduction after seasonal burning of Western Juniper
Performance and economic analysis of broilers fed diets containing acerola meal in replacement of corn
Effects of protein supplementation frequency on physiological responses associated with reproduction in beef cows
Incorporating Plant Mortality and Recruitment Into Rangeland Management and Assessment
Effects of integrating mowing and imazapyr application on African rue (Peganum harmala L.) and native perennial grasses
Response of Conifer-Encroached Shrublands in the Great Basin to Prescribed Fire and Mechanical Treatments
Understory Cover Responses to Pinon-Juniper Treatments Across Tree Dominance Gradients in the Great Basin
Pinon-Juniper Reduction Increases Soil Water Availability of the Resource Growth Pool
Utilizing National Agriculture Imagery Program Data to Estimate Tree Cover and Biomass of Pinon and Juniper Woodlands
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