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Book Chapter, 2012

Wildlife Science: Connecting Research with Management - Chapter 16: The Role of Joint Ventures in...
Species Performance: the Relationship Between Nutrient Availability, Life History Traits, and Stress
James, J. J.

Report, 2011

EBIPM Assessment Guidelines - Putting Assessment to Work for More-Informed Land Management...

publication, 2011

Technical note: Bovine acute-phase response after corticotrophin-release hormone challenge?
Promoting native vegetation and diversity in exotic annual grass infestations
Shrub-steppe early succession following juniper cutting and prescribed fire
Are we missing the boat on preventing the spread of invasive plants in rangelands?
Implementing ecologically based invasive plant management: lessons from a century of demonstration...
Managing soil nitrogen to restore annual grass-infested plant communities: effective strategy or...
The influence of plant removal on succession in Wyoming big sagebrush
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