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publication, 2011

Intra and interspecific competition among invasive and native species during early stages of plant...
Role of competition in restoring resource poor arid systems dominated by invasive grasses
Field growth comparisons of invasive alien annual and native perennial grasses in monocultures
Interim Medusahead Management Guide for the Intermountain West
Demographic processes limiting seedling recruitment in arid grassland restoration
Using rangeland health assessment to inform successional management
Saving the sagebrush sea: An ecosystem conservation plan for big sagebrush plant communities
Plant community diversity and native plant abundance decline with increasing abundance of an exotic...
Davies, K. W.
Land-use legacies and vegetation recovery 90 years after cultivation in great basin sagebrush...
Are there benefits to mowing Wyoming big sagebrush plant communities? An evaluation in southeastern...
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