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Publication, 2013

Restoring the Sagebrush Component in Crested Wheatgrass-Dominated Communities
Sagebrush Steppe Recovery After Fire Varies by Development Phase of Juniperus Occidentalis Woodland
Vegetation Response to Western Juniper Slash Treatments
A Systems Approach to Restoring Degraded Drylands
Late gestation supplementation of beef cows differing in body condition score: Effects on cow and...
Microarray evaluation of bovine hepatic gene response to fescue toxicosis
Soil surfactant products for improving hydrologic function in post-fire water-repellent soil
Wolf presence in the ranch of origin: Impacts on temperament and physiological responses of beef...
Use of Kendall’s coefficient of concordance to assess agreement among observers of very high...

Proceedings, 2013

Effects of Flunixin Meglumine Administration on Acute-Phase and Performance Responses of...
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