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Proceedings, 2011

Camelina meal supplementation to beef cattle: III. Effects on acute-phase and thyroid responses
A procedure to reduce collected sample size for nutrient analysis of hay cores
Applied nutritional strategies for the Northwest
Nutritional considerations of grass seed straw for beef cattle

publication, 2010

Fire Effects on Cover Dietary Resources of Sage-Grouse Habitat
Shrub Microsite Influences Post-Fire Perennial Grass Establishment
Boyd, C. S. & Davies, K. W.
Effects of intravenous glucose infusion and nutritional balance on serum concentrations of...
Beef Cattle Library - Energy Nutrition for Cattle
Cooke, R. F.
Beef Cattle Library - Evaluating Temperament in Beef Cattle
Cooke, R. F.
Beef Cattle Library - Overview of the Cattle Immune System
Cooke, R. F.
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