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Bulletin, 1964

Overstory-understory grass seedings on sagebrush-bunchgrass range

Technical paper, 1963

The response of yearling cattle on crested wheatgrass pasture to energy, protein, and sodium...
Hubbert, F. E.
Effect of urea at different nitrogen level on digestibility and on performance of growing steers...
Relationship among performance traits in young cattle as influenced by nutritional level
Sawyer, W. A.
Relationship among weights of dam and progeny performance
Sawyer, W. A.
Effect of supplementation on intake of grazing animals
Production of regrowth forage on native flood meadows
Effect of level of concentrate feeding on heritability of performance traits in cattle
Sawyer, W. A.
Morphological and physiological factors affecting the grazing management of crested wheatgrass
Frequency sampling in sagebrush-bunchgrass vegetation
Calvin, L. D.
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