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Report, 1960

Beef cattle research at the Squaw Butte Station Livestock Field Day

Circular of Information, 1960

Technical paper, 1959

A legume for native flood meadows: Phosphorus fertilizer requirements for maintaining stands of...
Oxytetracycline and high levels of phosphorus in the wintering ration of beef cattle
The effect of injectable iron and oral oxytetracycline on hemoglobin packed cell volume, and rate...
Hubbert, F. E.
The response of beef cattle to pelleted and coarsely chopped mountain meadow hay with digestibility...
Hubbert, F. E.
Growth and carbohydrate trends in crested wheatgrass

Extension Bulletin, 1959

Grass is the wealth
Jackman, E. R.

Technical paper, 1958

The influence of ammonium nitrate on the growth and yield of crested wheatgrass on the Oregon high...
nitrogen, wheatgrass
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