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Publication, 2013

Daily and Alternate Day Supplementation of Urea or Soybean Meal to Ruminants Consuming Low-Quality...
Exotic Annual Grass Invasion Alters Fuel Amounts, Continuity and Moisture Content
Restoring the Sagebrush Component in Crested Wheatgrass-Dominated Communities
Sagebrush Steppe Recovery After Fire Varies by Development Phase of Juniperus Occidentalis Woodland
Vegetation Response to Western Juniper Slash Treatments
A Systems Approach to Restoring Degraded Drylands
Late gestation supplementation of beef cows differing in body condition score: Effects on cow and...
Microarray evaluation of bovine hepatic gene response to fescue toxicosis
Soil surfactant products for improving hydrologic function in post-fire water-repellent soil
Wolf presence in the ranch of origin: Impacts on temperament and physiological responses of beef...
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