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Publication, 2012

Government Success in Partnerships: The USDA-ARS Areawide Ecologically Based Invasive Annual Grass...
Effects of Twenty-four Hour Transport or Twenty-four Hour Feed and Water Deprivation on Physiologic...
Effects of Temperament and Acclimation to Handling on Feedlot Performance of Bos Taurus Feeder...
Ecologically Based Invasive Plant Management: Step by Step
Prioritizing Invasive Plant Management Strategies
EBIPM, invasive weeds
Integrating a Rangeland Health Assessment with Successional Management: A Synergistic Approach to...
Ecological Principles Underpinning Invasive Plant Management Tools and Strategies
Linking Ecological Principals to Tools and Strategies in an EBIPM Program
Adaptive Management in EBIPM: A Key to Success in Invasive Plant Management
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