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Report, 1970

Crested wheatgrass and nitrogen

Oregon's Agricultural Progress, 1970

Fall calving yields a bumper crop of benefits
Turner, H. A.

Technical paper, 1969

Biuret and urea for growing cattle
Turner, H. A.

Special Report, 1969

1969 Progress Report-Research in Beef Cattle Nutrition and Management
Turner, H. A.

Paper, 1969

Yield and N. concentration of meadow hay fertilized with three N sources

Technical paper, 1968

Chemical curing range forage for fall grazing
Turner, H. A.
Biuret and urea in range cattle supplements
Turner, H. A.

Special Report, 1968

1968 Progress Report--Research in beef cattle nutrition and management
Turner, H. A.

Technical paper, 1967

Protein intake and exercise for pregnant heifers
Finishing steers on range
Turner, H. A.
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