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Technical paper, 1977

Bovine anaplasmosis transmission studies conducted under controlled natural exposure in a...
Stroud, R. K.
Effect of monensin on feed efficiency for maintaining gestating mature cows wintered on meadow hay
Turner, H. A.
Production of slaughter steers from forages in the arid west
Turner, H. A.
Production of slaughter steers grazing crested wheatgrass and irrigated pasture in eastern Oregon
Early growth of Nordan crested wheatgrass and Sherman big bluegrass
Correlations of precipitation and temperature with spring, regrowth, and mature crested wheatgrass...
A technique for measuring rate of fire spread
Britton, C. M.
Soil nitrogen levels in a semiarid climate following long-term nitrogen fertilization

Technical Bulletin, 1977

The effects of age at first lambing on production and longevity of Columbia and Targhee Ewes

Station Bulletin, 1977

Stockwater's effect on cattle performance on the high desert
Hunter, V. E.
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