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Report, 1977

1977 Progress Report -- Research in Beef Cattle Nutrition: The Effects of Nutrition Level on the...
Phillips, R. L.
1977 Progress Report -- Research in Beef Cattle Nutrition: Paraquat Plus Meadow Equals Winter...
curing grass, paraquat
Turner, H. A.

publication, 1977

Interstation Correlation Coefficients for Oregon

Technical paper, 1976

Conditioning cattle to water stress
Hunter, V. E.
Monensin for wintering gestating cows
Turner, H. A.
Expressing the competitive relationship between Wyoming big sagebrush and crested wheatgrass
Coordinating beef cattle management with the range forage resource
Failure of anaplasma marginale theiler to survive natural winter conditions on a Dermacentor...
Turner, H. A.
Cattle use on summer foothill rangelands in northeastern Oregon
Krueger, W. C.

Technical Bulletin, 1976

Crested wheat production: impacts on fertility, row spacing, and stand age
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