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Report, 1979

1979 Progress Report -- Research in Rangeland Management: Herbicides for Control of Western Juniper
Krueger, W. C.

Technical paper, 1978

Monensin levels and their effect on hay requirements for brood cows
Turner, H. A.
Evaluation of chromic oxide, lignin, crude fiber, nitrogen, and indigestible dry matter as...
Turner, H. A.
Botanical composition of feces from pronghorn antelope grazing the Oregon High Desert
Insect grazers on the cold desert biome
Nitrogen and sulfur impacts on the cold desert biome
Seasonal diets of five ungulates grazing the cold desert biome
Growth and development of meadow plants as affects by environmental variables
Ewe lamb conception as an indicator of future production in farm flock Columbia and Targhee Ewes

Report, 1978

1978 Progress Report--Research in Beef Cattle Nutrition and Management: Artificial Insemination...
Turner, H. A.
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