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Technical paper, 1979

Forage and animal management implications of spring and fall calving
Effects of grazing intensity on steer gains
Time and rate of Paraquat application for curing meadow vegetation for winter grazing July-Aug
A feces-urine separator for making total fecal collections from the female bovine
Lithium toxicity in seedlings of three cool season grasses
A portable burner for evaluating effects of fire on plants
fire, plant, propane burner
Britton, C. M.
Herbage yield and nitrate concentration in meadow plants as affected by environmental variables
Accumulation of NO3 and NH4 in reed canarygrass

Station Bulletin, 1979

A bibliography of bitterbrush (Purshia tridentata [Pursh] DC.) annotated from 1967-1978
Britton, C. M.
Irrigated pastures for range livestock
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