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Publication, 2018

Western Roots Diving into a Sagebrush Sea of Diversity

Handbook, 2018

Mineral Supplementation of Beef Cows in the Western United States

Article, 2018

Supplementing a yeast-deived product to enhance productive and health responses of beef steers.

Report, 2017

Techniques to improve seeding success of forage kochia in exotic annual grass invaded sagebrush rangelands
Feeding immunostimulant ingredients to optimize health and performance of receiving cattle

Publication, 2017

Restoring big sagebrush after controlling encroaching western juniper with fire: aspect and subspecies effects
Challenges and limitations to native species restoration in the Great Basin, USA
Effects of temperament on physiological, productive, and resproductive responses in Bos indicus beef cows
The sage-grouse habitat mortgage: effective conifer management in space and time
Effects of a simulated wolf encounter on brain and blood biomarkers of stress-related psychological disorders in beef cows with or without previous exposure to wolves
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