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Publication, 2018

Seedling Defoliation and Drought Stress: Variation in Intensity and Frequency Affect Performance and Survival
Evaluating a Seed Technology for Sagebrush restoration Across an Elevation Gradient: Support for Bet Hedging
Quaking aspen woodland after conifer control: Herbaceous dynamics
Quaking aspen woodland after conifer control: Tree and shrub dynamics
Incorporating Seeds in Activated Carbon Pellets Limits Herbicide Effects to Seeded Bunchgrass When Controlling Exotic Animals
Davies, K. W.
Wildlife Responses to Brush Management: A Contemporary Evaluation
Davies, K. W.
Legacy effects of a regional drought on aboveground net primary production in six central US grasslands
ANPP, climate, drought, grassland
Denton, E.M.
Eighty Years of Grazing by Cattle Modifies Sagebrush and Bunchgrass Structure
Longer-Term Evaluation of revegetation of Medusahead-Invaded Sagebrush Steppe
Boyd, C. S. & Davies, K. W.
Plant Succession on the Mount St. Helens Debris-Avalanche Deposit and the Role of Non-native Species
plant cover, vegetation
Denton, E.M.
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