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Special Report, 2014

Western land managers will need all available tools for adapting to climate change, including...
Beef Research Report: 2014 Edition
Management and Ecology of the Sagebrush Steppe: 2014 Research Update

Publication, 2014

Effects of supplementation of calcium salts of polyunsaturated fatty acids on serum concentrations...
Improving restoration of exotic annual grass-invaded rangelands through activated carbon seed...
Effects of excessive energy intake and supplementation with chromium propionate on insulin...
Incorporation of sexed semen into reproductive management of cow-calf operations
Implications of longer term rest from grazing in the sagebrush steppe
Restoration of Mountain Big Sagebrush Steppe following prescribed burning to control Western Juniper
Knapweed as a nutritional supplement for beef cows fed low-quality forage
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