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Publication, 2017

Restoring big sagebrush after controlling encroaching western juniper with fire: aspect and subspecies effects
Challenges and limitations to native species restoration in the Great Basin, USA
Effects of temperament on physiological, productive, and resproductive responses in Bos indicus beef cows
The sage-grouse habitat mortgage: effective conifer management in space and time
Effects of a simulated wolf encounter on brain and blood biomarkers of stress-related psychological disorders in beef cows with or without previous exposure to wolves
Fall and spring grazing influence fire ignitability and intial spread in shrub steppe communities
Using activated carbon to limit herbicide effects to seeded bunchgrass when revegetating annual grass-invaded rangelands
Impacts of feral horse use on herbaceous riparian vegetation within a sagebrush steppe ecosystem
Influence of soil color on seedbed microclimate and seedling demographics of a perennial bunchgrass
Plant community dynamics 25 years after juniper control
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