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Report, 2015

Wyoming Big Sagebrush Associations of Eastern Oregon: Vegetation Attributes
A Framework for Ecologically-based Invasive Plant Management: John Day Fossil Beds National Monument

Publication, 2015

Altered Snowfall and Soil Disturbance Influence the Early Life State Transitions and Recruitment of...
Abundances of Co-planted Native Bunchgrasses and Crested Wwheatgrass After 13 Years
A New Perspective on Trait Differences Between Native and Invasive Exotic Plants: Reply
Success of Seeding Native Compared to Introduced Perennial Vegetation for Revegetating Medusahead-...

Special Report, 2014

Western land managers will need all available tools for adapting to climate change, including...
Beef Research Report: 2014 Edition
Management and Ecology of the Sagebrush Steppe: 2014 Research Update
Improving Reseeding Success after Catastrophic Wildfire with Surfactant Seed Coating Technology
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