Protein Supplementation of Low-Quality Forage: Effects of Amount and Frequency of Protein Supplementation on Ruminant Performance and Nutrient Utilization

Rate and Extent of NDF Digestibility of Low-Quality Cool- and Warm-Season Forages

Influence of protein supplementation on Intake and digestibility of Different Low-Quality Cool- and Warm-Season Forages by steers 



Influence of Rumen Protein Degradability and Supplementation Frequency on Ruminants Consuming Low-Quality Forage

Beet Pulp Supplementation of Beef Heifers Grazing Native Flood Meadows: Performance, Intake, Digestibility, and Ruminal Fermentation

Influence of Protein Supplementation Frequency on Cows Consuming Low-Quality Forage: Performance, Intake, Harvest Efficiency, and Pasture Utilization

Comparison of Urea and Biuret as Nitrogen Supplements to Low-quality Forage: Daily and Alternate Day Supplementation

Nutritional Evaluation of Forage Kochia: Development of a Nutritional Calendar

Nutritional Evaluation of Perennial Ryegrass Straw as a Forage Source for Ruminants: Effect of increasing concentration of  Lolitrem B

Comparison of Urea and Soybean Meal as Nitrogen Supplements to Low-quality Forage: Daily and Alternate Day Supplementation

The Effects of Early Weaning on Cow Performance and Grazing Behavior in the Intermountain West

Use of Russian Knapweed as a Protein Supplement for Beef Cows Consuming Low-Quality Forage

Influence of Cow Body Condition Score and Late Gestation Protein Supplementation on Subsequent Calf Health, Performance, and Future Productivity

The ability of a yeast-derived cell wall preparation to minimize the toxic effects of hight-ergot alkaloid tall fescue straw in beef cattle

Protein Supplementation of Ruminants Consuming Low-Quality Cool- or Warm-Season Forage: Differences in Intake and Digestibility


Dr. David Bohnert