Northern Great Basin Experimental Range in the late 1930's

The Eastern Oregon Agricultural Research Center was created in 1974 from the Eastern Oregon Experiment Station and the Squaw Butte Experiment Station.

The Burns station, established in 1912, was first called the Harney Branch Station. The Squaw Butte Range Livestock Station was subsequently developed by the U. S. Department of Agriculture in 1935. The Harney and Squaw Butte stations were merged in 1944 to form the Squaw Butte Harney Range and Livestock Experiment Station. The Harney Branch Station added an additional section of meadowland (Section 5) south of Burns in 1948.

In 1954, the original Harney Branch land was dropped and the Section 5 meadow and Squaw Butte Range Station became the Squaw Butte Experiment Station. Today the unit is called the Eastern Oregon Agricultural Research Center, Burns locations.

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