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In 1934 an administrative unit entitled Lower Division and Service Departments was created at Oregon State. It appears that at that time Economics, Sociology, and Agricultural Economics became separate departments. Agricultural Economics was assigned to the School of Agriculture and continued to offer undergraduate and graduate degrees. Economics and Sociology remained in the Lower Division with only service functions. Professor Nelson continued as head of the Department of Economics. The next major course expansion came in 1944 when courses in Economic Geography, War and Reconstruction, Public Utilities, Public Finance, Business Combinations, Business Fluctuations, Comparative Economic Systems, and Collective Bargaining and Labor Legislation were added.

1935 Crew on the Willamette

Photo: Crew on the Willamette River, 1935. The Oregon State Rowing Club was established in 1929 and won its first race against the University of Washington. This photograph, taken from the crew docks, shows the west bank of the Willamette River north of the Van Buren bridge. [OSU Archives #50]




In 1947, faculty and courses in geography were added to the Department of Economics. In addition, graduate courses in the History of Economic Thought and Economic History were assigned to the department. However, they were listed in the catalogue under the Department of Agricultural Economics and enrollment was restricted to graduate students majoring in agricultural economics.

1955 Beaver Spirit!


In 1957, Professor Nelson retired as department head and Charles B. Friday became chairman.







Photo: Beaver Fighting Spirit, ca. 1955. A football player identified only as "Buettgenback," invokes terror on the field even in practice! His Beaver fighting spirit will definitely be called on for the game this Saturday. [OSU Archives: P4:94]