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The department name was changed again this time to read Economics and Sociology. At various times in this period the catalogue refers to the department as Economics and Sociology, including Markets and Rural Organization. Hector McPherson became head of the department. In 1918 a course entitled The National Vitality was added to the curriculum.

1925 class in Bexell Hall

Photo: Bexell Hall classroom, ca. 1925. The College of Business (originally known as the School of Commerce) has been headquartered in Bexell Hall since 1922, when the building was completed. In the 1923/24 academic year, more than one quarter of all Oregon Agricultural College students (917 out of 3199) were enrolled in the School of Commerce. The next largest enrollment was 486 students in the School of Home Economics. [OSU Archives #882]



In 1926, Dr. Milton N. Nelson became department head. In 1927, the department name was changed again, this time to read Economics and Sociology, including Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology. It was possible at this time for students to earn an MS degree in Agricultural Economics and in Rural Sociology. Further course expansion took place.


With the establishment of the OSSHE only lower division and service courses in the social sciences were allocated to Oregon State. Course offerings in the social sciences were cut back severely. Economics offered only the following courses: Principles of Economics, Outlines of Economics, Labor Problems, Money and Banking, Public Finance, and Transportation. A College of Social Sciences was created with Dean James Gilbert of the University of Oregon in charge of the administration of all social science work at the University of Oregon and at Oregon State.