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With the creation of the School of Commerce, economics became a separate department. The faculty consisted of Professors Bexell, Crawford, and Horner. Five courses in economics were listed:

  1. The Elements of Economics
  2. Advanced Economics
  3. The Theory and Practice of Finance
  4. The History of Commerce
  5. Depressions, Panics, and Crises


The department was retitled the Department of Political Economy and sizeable course expansion took place. In addition to the curriculum above, such courses as Commercial Geography, Money and Banking, Corporate and Public Finance, Production of Raw Materials, Manufacturing, Insurance, and Rural Economics were added.

1910 picture of Campus

On College Hill, 1910. This view of Oregon Agricultural College from the lower campus shows (from left to right): Waldo Hall; Education Hall; Fairbanks Hall (cupola visible on skyline); Strand Agricultural Hall; the Women's Center Building; Benton Hall; and Apperson Hall. Fourteenth Street was not extended across lower campus until the 1960s. [OSU Archives #40]


The department name was changed to Economics and courses in Industrial History, the Economic History of the United States, Labor Problems, and Agricultural Economics were added.