Lab Members
Dr. Theo W. Dreher
Research Interest

Ph. D. 1980, University of Melbourne


Department of Microbiology
Center for Gene Research and Biotechnology
Molecular and Cellular Biology Program
Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics

Recent Publication
  • MATSUDA, D., DUNOYER, P., HEMMER, O., FRITSCH, C. and DREHER, T. W. 2000. The valine anticodon and valylatability of Peanut Clump Virus RNAs are not essential but provide a modest competitive advantage in plants. J. Virology 74 : 8720-8725.
  • FILICHKIN, S. A., BRANSOM, K. L., GOODWIN, J. B. and DREHER, T. W. 2000. The infectivities of turnip yellow mosaic virus genomes with altered tRNA mimicry are not dependent on compensating mutations in the viral replication protein. J. Virology 74: 8368-8375.
  • YOSHINARI, S., NAGY, P. D., SIMON, A. E. and DREHER, T. W. 2000. CCA initiation boxes without unique promoter elements support in vitro transcription by three viral RNA-dependent RNA polymerases. RNA 6: 698-707.
  • YOSHINARI, S. and DREHER, T. W. 2000. Internal and 3' RNA initiation by Qbeta replicase directed by CCA boxes. Virology 271:363-370.
  • DREHER, T. W., UHLENBECK, O. C. and BROWNING, K. 1999. Quantitative assessment of EF-1alpha GTP binding to aminoacyl-tRNA, aminoacyl-viral RNA and tRNA shows close correspondence to the RNA binding properties of EF-Tu. J. Biol. Chem. 274:666-672.
  • SINGH, R. N. and DREHER, T. W. 1998. Specific site selection in RNA resulting from a combination of nonspecific secondary structure and -CCR- boxes: Initiation of minus strand synthesis by turnip yellow mosaic virus RNA-dependent RNA polymerase. RNA 4:1083-1095.
  • GOODWIN, J.B. and DREHER, T.W. 1998. Transfer RNA mimicry in a new group of positive-strand RNA plant viruses, the furoviruses: differential aminoacylation between the RNA components of one genome. Virology 246:170-8.
  • DREHER, T.W. and GOODWIN, JB. 1998. Transfer RNA mimicry among tymoviral genomic RNAs ranges from highly efficient to vestigial. Nucleic Acids Research 26:4356-64.
  • GOODWIN, J.B., SKUZESKI, J.M. and DREHER, T.W. 1997. Characterization of chimeric turnip yellow mosaic virus genomes that are infectious in the absence of aminoacylation. Virology 230:113-124.
  • SINGH, R.N. and DREHER, T.W. 1997. Turnip yellow mosaic virus RNA-dependent RNA polymerase: initiation of negative strand synthesis in vitro. Virology 233:430-439.
  • DREHER, T. W., TSAI, C.-H.and SKUZESKI, J. M. 1996. Aminoacylation identity  switch of turnip yellow mosaic virus RNA from valine to methionine results in an infectious virus. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 93:12212-12216.




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