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Winter Graduate Student Seminar


The DPD Program offers the Graduate Student Seminar once a year to the OSU graduate students who are involved in teaching courses at OSU. The goals of this seminar are:

• To introduce disciplinary and interdisciplinary scholarship and perspectives on race, gender, class, sexual identity and other institutionalized systems of inequality in the United States;

• To provide resources for teaching courses for the DPD requirement;

• To develop pedagogical strategies for incorporating multicultural diversity in the classroom;

• To increase awareness and sensitivity to difference;

• To provide the basis for an ongoing community discussion in which issues of difference can be addressed among colleagues across disciplines.


Winter Break Graduate Student Seminar

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The Winter Break 2012 DPD Graduate Student Seminar offers a unique professional development opportunity for graduate students. This one-week intensive seminar will draw both on a wide variety of readings from experts in diversity and social inequality and participants’ own experiences and knowledge, and will model a range of pedagogical practices that help students examine and understand difference, power, and discrimination. The 2012 DPD Graduate Student Seminar is open to all graduate students, with preference given to those with formal teaching duties. Books and other materials are provided. There is limited space, so timely submission of your appication is encouraged. Participants will have the following responsibilities during the seminar:

o    Participation:    Attend all seminar sessions;

o    Analysis:     Read and discuss assigned readings that relate to DPD theories and pedagogy;

o    Teaching:    Engage with other seminar participants about delivery of social justice content and effective teaching strategies


The Winter Break Seminar will begin on Monday, December 10th and concludes on Friday, December 14th.  We will meet each day from 9 am until 3 pm.

Application deadline for this seminar has passed. We hope you'll consider attending future events!

For additional information, please contact:

Michelle Bothwell, Interim DPD Director

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