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DPD Course Criteria and Student Learning Outcomes


Difference, Power, and Discrimination courses shall:

  1. Be at least three credits;
  2. Emphasize elements of critical thinking;
  3. Have as their central focus the study of the unequal distribution of power within the framework of particular disciplines and course content;
  4. Focus primarily on the United States, although global contexts are encouraged;
  5. Provide illustrations of ways in which structural, institutional, and ideological discrimination arise from socially defined meanings attributed to difference;
  6. Provide historical and contemporary examples of difference, power, and discrimination across cultural, economic, social, and political institutions in the United States;
  7. Provide illustrations of ways in which the interactions of social categories, such as race, ethnicity, social class, gender, religion, sexual orientation, disability, and age, are related to difference, power, and discrimination in the United States;
  8. Provide a multidisciplinary perspective on issues of difference, power, and discrimination;
  9. Incorporate interactive learning activities (e.g., ungraded, in-class writing exercise; classroom discussion; peer-review of written material; web-based discussion group); and
  10. Be regularly numbered departmental offerings rather than x99 or blanket number courses.

Course Development

Bacc Core Statement

As of Fall 2004, all syllabi for courses in the Baccalaureate Core must indicate which Core requirement each course fulfills. Please use the statement below for courses that meet the Difference, Power, and Discrimination requirement.

Baccalaureate Core Statement for DPD Course Syllabi

Learning Outcomes

As part of the 2004-2005 Baccalaureate Core Committee review of DPD courses, all course syllabi approved after September 1999 will require Learning Outcomes.

The document below provides some suggestions for developing Learning Outcomes for DPD courses.

Suggestions for Developing Student Learning Outcomes for DPD Courses

Model DPD Course Syllabi

ES212: Survey of Chicano/a Studies II


For a full and up-to-date listing, please visit the OSU Bacc Core Course List.  

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