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OUS/OSU Data Warehouse

Handouts and Manuals

Here you will find links to resources that are independent of the model used.

Help Labs
Hummingbird BI Query Manuals & User Guides

Note: To access these materials, you must have Adobe Reader installed on your machine.


BI Query 9 Overview
Troubleshooting Tips
Backing Up Queries and Reports
Calculate Information About a Result
Combine Data Warehouse and Banner Reports
Create a Desktop Shortcut to Your Model
Create a PDF File From a Standard BI Query Report
Data Values Reference Handout
Edit a Super Query
Exporting Data to Excel
Forms View
How to Create a Button
Nuggets of Knowledge
Process for Sharing Queries and Reports
Query Development
Recommended User Preference Settings
Reducing Duplicate Information
Standard Report Development
Windows Tricks

Help Labs

OSU Data Warehouse Help Labs allow you work with staff to use BI Query and any of the OSU Data Warehouse models to answer questions specific to your office and job. We are here to help you get the answers that you need.

  • Open to faculty and staff that have completed Data Warehouse Training.
  • The Data Warehouse Help Lab is typically held once a month in room 5420 of the Valley Library (aka the Barnard Classroom). The date is published with a message to the OSU Data Warehouse mailing lists.
  • Carla Simonson and Joy Bautz will be there to answer questions about the SIS Data Warehouse. Patty Ross will be there to answer questions about the FIS and HRIS Data Warehouses.

If you want to attend, but need help with an OUS model, please contact the primary and secondary contacts for your model to make special arrangements.

Hummingbird BI Query Manuals & User Guides

Hummingbird BI Query Version 9

Query User's Guide
(includes Standard Reports)

Reports User's Guide
Installation Guide
Data Models User's Guide

Hummingbird BI Query Version 8
User Manual
(includes Standard Reports)
Reports Manual Download
Reports Chart Editor Download

Hummingbird BI Query Version 6
Advanced Report Building Training Manual Download Chapter 1
Download Chapter 2
Download Chapter 3
Download Chapter 4
Download Chapter 5
Download Chapter 6

The Hummingbird BI Query Version 6 Advanced Report Building handouts still have relevant explanations of BI Query Reports functionality and are useful as the basis for training materials, even though more recent versions have different icons and some additional features.

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