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OUS Data Warehouse

Space Utilization Data Mart

The Space Mart has data and functions that have been tailored for very specific needs. It is designed primarily for preparation of reports about the use of instructional facilities for Facilities Management, OUS Administration, State Board of Higher Ed, DAS and the Legislature. And, for ad hoc querying by campus facilities management staff. It’s defined and managed by Budget & Management Division of the Chancellor’s Office in coordination with Space Analysts from each campus.

Space Mart data includes:

  • Location data – information about instructional space on each campus as provided by the Space Analyst at each institution
  • Summary Room data – summarizes Event data by building code and room number
  • Student FTE data – information by student level, from the Chancellor’s Office
  • Event data – information about individual classes scheduled by term which is drawn from all OUS Banner Student Information Systems via the Chancellor’s Office (SCARF)

It also provides many standard reports, ready to be refreshed with the latest data. These reports cover topics like:

  • Scheduled occupancy (of student stations, by hour, by day, etc.)
  • Rooms scheduled by hour
  • Student Stations scheduled by hour
  • Space optimization (detail and summaries, by rooms, etc.)

Space Utilization Data Mart Documentation

User Guide
(.PDF file)
Technical Guide
(.PDF file)

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