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OUS Data Warehouse

OUS Chancellor's Office
Security and Confidentiality

Administrative Computer Systems
Statement of User Responsibility

Security and confidentiality of records, reports, and files are matters of critical importance to the Chancellor's Office. The purpose of this statement is to clarify your responsibilities as a user of Oregon University System (OUS) administrative computer systems. Each individual who has access to data is expected to adhere to the security and confidentiality principles stated below.

As a person who has access to such information, you will not:

  • Share your password with any person, or permit any other person to access information under your account;
  • Permit the unauthorized use of any information in records, reports, and files which are accessed, processed, maintained, or stored by the Chancellor's Office;
  • Seek personal benefit from information that you have acquired as a result of your access to data;
  • Disclose the confidential contents of any record, report, or file to any person, except in the conduct of official work assignments;
  • Knowingly include a false, inaccurate, or misleading entry in any official non-test record, report, or file;
  • Knowingly destroy data from any record, report, or file, except as authorized;
  • Remove any record, report, or file from the office where it is maintained, except in the performance of your official duties;
  • Cause or assist another person to violate these principles.

Violations of these principles may lead to disciplinary action consistent with applicable personnel policies. Violations can also lead to action under Oregon Revised Statutes pertaining to theft, alteration of public records, or other applicable sections.

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